What are the feed units suitable for rural feed processing plants?

What are the feed units suitable for rural feed processing plants?

The choice of feed unit process: The choice of feed unit process is reasonable, and is closely related to equipment, plant investment, energy consumption, use and maintenance convenience. For rural small-scale feed processing plants, the equipment is simple, so the process selection is reasonable, simple and applicable. In the rural areas, the following three forms are generally suitable. Fortis New Energy produces and sells pellet granule molding machines such as straw granule machine.

(1) Continuous proportional measurement - crushing - stick Kunming; (2) batch measurement - crushing - mixing; (3) crushing - batch metering - combination.

The choice of the metering form of the feed unit: the metering form has two types: volumetric metering and weight metering. The advantage of volumetric metering is that it saves labor, but it is not easy to change the formula; the weight measurement accuracy is high, and the formula is convenient to change. Therefore, the measurement form of the small-scale feed processing plant is more accurate and convenient.

Feed unit selection: Feed units suitable for rural feed processing plants should have the following characteristics: (1) The formula is easy to change, the ratio is accurate, the mixing uniformity is good, and the feed size is adjustable. (2) The feed unit has a reasonable process, simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, compact overall layout and small floor space. (3) The noise is small, the dust is small, and the feed unit must have safety control devices. (4) Low energy consumption, low price, and easy to purchase accessories.

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