Eight Key Points for Better Yellow Cattle Improvement

First, to adapt to changes in the market, insist on relentless efforts to improve the efficiency of the cattle. Each improved cow has an income of 500-700 yuan more than local cattle, and the economic benefit is significant. Therefore, it is not possible to loosen the reform of the cattle due to market price fluctuations, to increase the investment in science and technology, to make improvements, to ensure the steady development of beef cattle production, and to quickly emerge from the trough. This is a wise and farsighted move.
Second, strengthen grazing management, increase rejuvenation and promote estrus For more than 4 months of calf artificial weaning, promote cows early estrus. For cows suffering from reproductive system diseases, drugs such as "promoting pregnancy and one dose of spirit" can be used for treatment, and then insemination and breeding.
Third, choose a good breed of bulls, carry out frozen semen breeding using Charolais, Limousin, Simmental and other species and local cows for binary or three-way hybridization, hybrid offspring growth and development, meat production, hybridization advantages The benefits are also high.
Fourth, master the breeding "heat", timely insemination and breeding to accurately report the situation and found that cows heat insulation in time. To achieve timely insemination, improve the conception rate. At the end of the estrus period, the cow is in the "excessive" phase. The bull is no longer following the estrus cows. The mucus is small and sticky, from milky white to turbid to beige.
5. To ban the breeding of hybrid bulls to prevent the genetic instability of wild-born wild-breeding bulls and the degradation of their descendants. We must implement the Regulation on Breeding of Livestock and Poultry and ban the breeding of hybrid bulls to castrate bulls on local bulls to ensure that there is improvement in the work of cattle. In order.
Sixth, to achieve improved modernization, to carry out quality services The breeding technicians must be equipped with motorcycles, install telephones, equipped with BP machines, and issue business cards and popular science propaganda materials, implement cross-border breeding, so that the combination of veterinary stations (improving stations) breeding and self-employed breeding , The combination of breeding and service to the household within the site will be combined to expand coverage.
VII. Popularization of thin tube breeding, improving scientific and technological content Plastic tubule semen has the advantages of good vitality, high conception rate, clear marking, and good sanitary conditions. The fertility rate can be increased by more than 10%, and it should be actively promoted and used.
VIII. Improving the quality of breeding, establishing the reputation for cold distribution, strictly observing the technical operation procedures, mastering the identification of cow estrus, grasping the technical aspects of neck insemination, semen storage and equipment disinfection, and making great efforts to increase the conception rate and promote the improvement of cattle. Continuously carry out.


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