The valuable food game quality - rare birds

The rare birds are the abbreviation of rare and rare birds, which are domesticated by wild birds. Including colorful pheasants, wild ducks, royal chicken, guinea fowl, quail, peacocks, red golden pheasant, goose geese ... ... and so on, their delicate meat, delicious, and nourishing, beauty, heat, detoxification and other auxiliary effects.

Chongqing Huaguan Bird Farm covers an area of ​​about 25 acres and is an ecological farm integrating farming, recreation, catering, and planting (high-grade flowers and trees). Breeding includes: guinea fowl, pheasant, royal pheasant, duck, badger, wild goose ... and ultra-small pet dogs (chihuahuas). The characteristics of the farming of rare birds in my farm are green food, ie, all raw materials used for feeding (rice, corn, soybean, high grain, sweet potato) and lettuce, grass and non-polluted water sources (taken from 60 meters deep underground water), poultry meat and The nutritional value and taste of poultry eggs are even better, and they do not contain any hormones. They are truly green foods. The products are very popular and they are mainly sold to hotels in Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Urumqi.

Simple food usage

Guinea fowl: (originated in Guinea, Africa). Taste its true face with a clear method: a guinea fowl, Coprinus comatus (or mushroom) 0.8 pounds, pepper, ginger, salt appropriate. Place the chicken nuggets in the boiling water and take them out to remove blood stains and put them in a porcelain jar. Add appropriate water and boil it over a large fire. Then use a slow simmer for more than three hours. Drinking this soup reminds you of the taste of chicken soup in the 1960s. It really has a sense of innocence.

Wild duck: (produced in Germany, the United States and Northeast China). It has delicious meat, full of wild game, no unpleasant smell of domestic duck, and is a good health supplement. As we all know, home ducks have the role of heat detoxification, not to mention the wild duck, stewed sour and radish with old ducks, eating aftertaste. For more upscale nourishment, Cordyceps sinensis can be used to stew old ducks.

Royal Chicken: (originally produced in the United Kingdom). Royal chicken is delicate, delicious, nutritious and unmatched by any other chicken. The salad, barbecue, chopped white, and braised mushrooms will be highly praised after tasting, because it is well-deserved and deserves to be called the best of chicken.

Wild goose: (mainly produced in Northeast China). It is delicious in meat, and it has no home-grown geese. It is suitable for steamed, stewed, braised bamboo shoots and other methods.

Pheasants: Usually called pheasants and pheasants. At present, the United States is mainly breeding colorful pheasants. Meaty and tasty are its characteristics. It is recommended to eat them with shiitake mushrooms, pheasants and chickens.

Jane Poultry Egg: It is an egg produced by guinea fowl, royal pheasant, pheasant, duck, badger, wild goose and other rare birds. Its characteristics are: high nutritional value, delicate, no smell, large egg yolk (as we all know, egg The nutritional value is mainly egg yolk rather than protein. Moreover, all the raw materials used for feeding are without any hormones, so it is particularly suitable for children, women, and the elderly. It is also a fashion gift for relatives and friends.

Chongqing Huaguan rare bird farm

Key Features

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