Wheat spraying, active and strong drought and strong

This year (2002) wheat has high temperatures in winter and spring, but the drought is heavy. When mature, the wheat is generally short, the plant height is shorter than the normal year by 10 cm, and the heading is also more than 20 days earlier than the normal year. Last year, the wheat sowing period was due to the large amount of rain. Part of the wheat was planted late, and my wheat was also sown in late October. In order to promote the growth of wheat, I sprayed “Live Kang Zhuang” in time, generally spraying after a rain. Who knows that spraying “Live and Strong” can not only prevent Disease, but also can make wheat grow normally under severe drought conditions. After investigation, from the beginning of jointing, my wheat is better than no spray “Live Kang Zhuang”, which improves the resistance of wheat and guarantees the drought. Year normal growth, normal maturity.

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LEO Milk Storage Tank/ Milk Chilling Tank

Milk storage tank composed of refrigeration units and tank body as two major parts. Tank body made of high quality AISI stainless steel(food grade); insulation layer use polyurethane foam one time forming ; compressor unit using the most advanced U.S. Copeland flexible scroll compressor; optional device including automatic cleaning device, electronic metering device and heat recovery system; independent computer control system make our milk cooling tanks in intelligent automatic working condition. Our milk cooling tanks features are: quick cooling speed, high efficiency and insulation ability, low noise, reliable, simple operation, no maintenance and on-site installation, long service life.

Capacity from 500L to 12000l to meet the different needs of various customers group.

milk cooling tank

Milk Storage Tank

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