How to apply nitrogen fertilizer correctly

The practice of agricultural production for many years shows that the majority of farmers apply nitrogen fertilizers to their crops, especially since many young and middle-aged men in rural areas are now working outside the home. Old people and women who stay at home prefer to use nitrogen fertilizers. Because after the application of nitrogen fertilizer, when the temperature is suitable and the locust is good, the nutrient conversion is fast and the crop absorbs quickly, and the intuitive effect is obvious.
However, in the process of applying nitrogen fertilizers, people often make mistakes due to improper operation techniques and cause undue losses to agricultural production. For example, there is a cotton seed farm where large cotton fields used seed dressing for urea and rotten seed, which had to be re-broadcasting. This wastes cotton seeds and delays the season. I wonder if the biuret contained in urea is toxic to seeds, young shoots, and young roots under high ammonia-alkali conditions. Another example is where there are some people in Shaotian County. When topdressing crops with dry crops, spreading ammonium bicarbonate over a large area will reduce the fertilizer efficiency by 30% to 50% because ammonium ammonium carbonate is easy to evaporate in the air and it is easy to follow rainwater. Loss, especially when the temperature exceeds 30°C, the ammonia released by Ammonium Ammonium Carbonate will reduce the germination rate of the seed. In the application of ammonium chloride, there are some poor drainage and long-term application of chlorine-nitrogen-containing fertilizers in dry areas, which increases the accumulation of calcium chloride in the soil, increases the concentration of soil solution, results in soil compaction, and is unfavorable to crop growth. There are also some crops with high starch and sugar content, such as sugar cane, watermelon, sweet potato, potato, sugar beet etc. After applying ammonium chloride, chloride ions will promote the hydrolysis of carbohydrates, reduce the content of starch and sugar, and reduce the quality of the product. . In addition, there are many farmers over-application of nitrogen fertilizers, not only cause crops lead to crop lodging, but also make the field crop shade, induced pests and diseases; at the same time, nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium and other macronutrients produce antagonistic effect, so that the crop There is a lack of growth and development, affecting yield and quality.
In summary, there are different lessons in the application of nitrogen fertilizers. In order to increase the utilization of nitrogen fertilizers, the following points must be taken into account when applying nitrogen fertilizers to crops:
(1) Change applicator to deep application of nitrogen fertilizer, regardless of the type, as a basal fertilizer, should be buried in a soil layer about 10 cm deep. When top dressing, it should be ditched or applied in the soil 8-10 cm away from the crop. If there is sufficient labor, the water may be diluted and poured after concentration.
(2) Change dressing and fertilizing Fertilizer is not suitable for applying fertilizers such as urea, ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium chloride directly to the compartments. Where there is a habit of applying fertilizers, it must be applied to the soil first to mix with the soil to produce a separation layer. Only seeds can be sown.
(3) Change the commonly used chlorine-nitrogen-containing fertilizers for neutralization and fertilization where there are habits of applying ammonium chloride year after year. Pay attention to the use of lime to neutralize acidity in the soil. At the same time, when planting chlorine crops, do not apply ammonium chloride.
(4) Change the single nitrogen fertilizer to balance fertilization According to the needs of different crops, appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer. Advocate mixed application with organic fertilizer, and apply a certain proportion of phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, in order to better receive the effect of nitrogen fertilizer.

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