Measures to Improve the Quality of Rex Rabbits

Rex rabbit fur has the characteristics of short, thin, flat, dense, and beautiful. The market demand is large and the price is high. However, the market demands high quality for rex rabbit fur. To make Rex Rabbit fur sell for a good price, the breeding households should master the following six measures:
1, feed with Rex Rabbit is a combination of skin and rabbit, both long skin, but also long meat. Feed nutrient level requirements are high, the general digestive energy is 11.4 ~ 11.9 MJ / kg, crude protein is 18% ~ 19%, crude fiber is 6% ~ 8%, crude fat is 3% ~ 4%, calcium is 0.88% ~ 0.99%, phosphorus 0.80% to 0.82%, sulfur-containing amino acid 0.9%.
2, timely treatment of rabbits Once suffering from rickets, it will hair removal, erosion, must be treated in time, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of skin. According to the number and size of rabbit rickets, take 1 to 5 grams of realgar into the end, first take a small knife to gently scrape the lesions to expose a slight red color, the realgar to take the right amount of diesel to reconcile Apply to the affected area as a paste. Apply once a day in the morning and evening. Generally apply 2 days to heal.
3. Appropriate-age, timely skin-slaughtered rabbits are generally selected between 4.5 and 6.5 months of age. The best period is about 6 months of age. At this time, Rex rabbits have passed their second age-matching and their fur has matured. In actual production, as long as the rex rabbit fur meets the skin-removing conditions, the body weight can be slaughtered above 2.5 kg. The slaughter time is generally selected in winter, that is, December of the year to February of the following year.
4. Preservation of preserved blood, manure, mud, fat, meat crumbs, etc., adhered on the skin, and then use fresh skin heavy 35% to 50% salt evenly sprinkled on fresh skin, marinated for 6 to 8 days, Or soak the fresh skin with 24%~26% salt solution for 16~24 hours, take out the sprinkling water, then marinate with 20%~25% salt of fresh skin, and air dry naturally.
5. After scientifically storing the rabbit skins for drying, the skins and hairs can be mounted on cartons. Spread a small amount of naphthalene powder between the skin and the skin or put on the aromatic ball and place it in a place where there is no rodent damage.
6. The tanning process for the correct preparation of rabbit skins is generally divided into: skin selection → water immersion → degreasing → second dehydration → second meat removal → pickling → brewing → neutralization → centrifugation and water drying → fat drying → dry shovel → sort out.
The time of each process parameter is: immersed in water for 16 to 24 hours, degreasing for 1 hour, and soaking in acid and mash for 48 hours each.

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