What is the reason for the death of Du Fu?

Rhododendron is easy to overwinter in the north but it is difficult to cross over the summer. In particular, the western rhododendron has a slender root, a shallow distribution, and a weak absorption function. It is afraid of dryness and is afraid of earthworms. It needs fertilizer but is afraid of concentrated fertilizer. Therefore, in soil quality, light, watering, fertilization, temperature, etc., all must be carefully managed. Otherwise, the buds and leaves will fall, and the heavy ones will die. The reasons for the unsustainable death of Rhododendron and its control methods are summarized as follows: Unsuitable for alkaline earth and viscous soil Rhododendron is a fibrous root plant, requiring a soil pH value of 5.5 to 6.5, with good ventilation and water permeability, and a culture soil rich in humus is most suitable. After preparation, use insecticidal sterilized drugs or heat sterilization before use. Poor permeability of clay, alkaline soil will cause small flowers, stems and shoots dry, and even death. Long-term illumination is less than that of azalea, and the flowering period is longer. If they are indoors, they will consume a lot of nutrients in the plant for a long period of time. Photosynthesis, however, is limited, and nutrients cannot be replenished in time. Plants will inexplicably die and die. In fact, the cuckoo is very shade-tolerant and shades need to be shaded during the summer to avoid burning the leaves. However, in the spring, early summer and winter, it should be able to receive sunlight in the morning. The azaleas that have been placed indoors for a long time, due to weak scattered light, should be periodically rotated so that they can receive some sunlight. Ventilation, poor ventilation, azalea, cool, fresh air. Poorly ventilated, it is easy to form a hot and hot environment, which is extremely unfavorable to the growth of azaleas, and it is easy to breed brown spot and spider mites. Ventilation and ventilation conditions should be improved. The branches and leaves should be sprayed with clean water to increase the humidity while reducing the amount of water. Poor watering Because the rhododendron root is slender and the lateral roots are finer, they are afraid of dryness and fear of licking. Excessive watering can cause defoliation and budding, and is often in a state of excessive humidity, which can easily lead to the death of rot. Moderate watering is required, and the soil is dry and damp. In particular, potted azaleas are particularly sensitive to moisture. Frequent spraying of leaf and surface water is required during the drought. Keep the air humidity above 70%, strictly control the water in winter, and keep the micro tide in the soil. Fertilization is inappropriate. Azaleas are not tolerant to big fertilizers, especially concentrated fertilizers and raw fertilizers. For example, when raw rotten eggs or livestock and poultry are put to the ground, unripe raw fertilizers or excessively high concentrations of fertilizers can easily burn roots and cause the plants to wither and die. Pay attention to the amount of fertilizer should be less, if you need a large amount of fertilizer, you can increase the frequency of fertilization, and the manure must be fully cooked before application, while adding a small amount of ferrous sulfate. Stopping fertilizer after 10 months so as to avoid germination of new shoots, affecting sprouting buds and safe wintering. Change basins without timely replacement of pots, there will be flowers large pots, roots too long too long, compacted too dense, unable to stretch in the basin, nutrient depletion, causing long-term failure to death. Therefore, change the pots at least once every three years, remove the plants from the old pots, strip off part of the soil, spread the roots, cut off the long roots and roots, remove the roots, and replace the soil with new ones. Root metabolism.

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