Kyoho Grapes Handle Summer Tips

Kyoho grapes are generally processed 3 to 4 times during the entire production period. The specific methods are: All the sub tips below the ear are removed from the base; the secondary shoots above the ear have before and after the rainy season, leaving 1 leaf repeatedly topping, leaving 2 to 3 leaves repeatedly topping in the rainy season. All the subaxial shoots below the ear were removed from the base without leaves, and the axillary shoots above the axilla removed one or two of the apexes and left 4 to 5 leaves topping, and later left the heart to leave 1 to 2 leaves repeated. The rest are all removed from the base. The above two methods can be optionally used. The first and second axillary shoots of the developmental branches and extension branches were left with 1 to 2 leaves repeatedly, and the remaining auxiliary shoots were all removed without leaving leaves. The auxiliary shoot of the preparation branch is the same as the treatment result of the auxiliary branch.


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