Main points of raising chickens with chicken dung

1. The use of not more than 15% of chicken manure to mix and homogenize the manure in the pig cow dung can speed up the fermentation and improve the nutritional quality of the feed. 2. After the dried or dried chicken manure is crushed and sifted, 20 kg of chicken manure and 30 kg of boiling water are mixed and stuffed in a plastic bag for a day and night to kill parasite eggs and germs in fly eggs and chicken manure. Then mix 50% of the manure and carry out heap fermentation. It is advisable to use one cubic metre per pile, turn it twice in two days, and apply it after turning it four times. But still continue to ferment at this time. The feeding should not be too thick. When the temperature is high, one or two days is required before covering. 3, the water hyacinth, water lettuce, water peanuts, arbutus and other high-yield aquatic fodder pulp or chopped chicken manure mixture, while turning a stack two days, four times after the application. In this way, high carbon content forage and manure with high nitrogen content can be used to complement each other, which is beneficial to the absorption and utilization of nutrients by earthworms. 4. Spread 1/3 of the screened chicken droppings evenly into 2/3 of the worm droppings and spread them directly onto the gong bed. Then sprinkle the water evenly and loosen it while spraying until the dry material is completely wet. Repeatedly loosened to make it ventilated. Spray water once in one or two days and then cover it. 5, the boring machine water to about 80% of water, that is, the degree of water out of the kneading. Then add 3-4 kg of sieved chicken manure per square meter according to the size of the trampoline. After two days, turn the material bed evenly. Add material once every 10 days, and add two or three times to extract one batch. This feeding method spreads the new material evenly on each layer of the material bed. When swallowing chicken droppings, it will also swallow a portion of the base material, eliminating the danger of poisoning caused by high protein. This method of feeding chicken manure is very suitable for the breeding of large and small fish in shallow pits, and the culture method for direct extraction of tantalum products in the breeding pit.

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