Method for improving germination of melon seeds

Melon seed coats are generally hard and germinate slowly. They need to be treated before sowing to promote rapid and homogeneous germination so as to achieve proper sowing. The method for germination of melon seeds is described as follows: Seeds of cucumber before sowing are sterilized, soaked in a constant temperature water at 50°C for 15 minutes, and continuously stirred, then add cold water to room temperature and then soak for 2-5 hours, pick up and drain, and put it on The germination was carried out at 25-28°C. After 1.5-2 days, the radicles could be sowed. Watermelon sowing before sowing 1-2 days, soaking with 55°C hot water for 10-15 minutes, stirring continuously, soaking in cold water for 4-6 hours, then germinating at 20-30°C, washing with warm water at noon every day 1 time. Dew can be sown in 4-5 days. Put the seeds in hot water of 50-60°C before sowing, keep stirring, and heat the seeds evenly. After 13-15 minutes, when the water temperature drops to 30°C, stop stirring, wash the seeds by hand, and remove the seeds. Remove the mucus, soak for 12-14 hours in fresh water. After the seeds suck enough water, they can be taken out, wrapped in a thick cloth, placed in a germination box or other warm place (temperature 30°C) to germinate. The germination seeds are turned once a day to make the temperature inside and outside of the seed pile consistent with each other. When the seeds are turned, the water condition must be checked. When the seeds are found to be too dry, water should be sprayed in time and the shoots can emerge in 3-4 days. Before sowing the seeds, the seeds will be sunned for 1-2 days, soaked in hot water of 50-60°C for 5-10 minutes, stirring continuously. When the water temperature drops to 25-30°C, dip for 6 hours, remove and drain, at 20- Germinate at 30°C and take care to maintain good ventilation. 2-3 days to germinate. The bitter gourd bitter gourd seed coat is hard. Before sowing, use wet sand to dip seed coat wax (do not break the seed shell), soak it in 50-60°C hot water for 10 minutes, keep stirring, and continue to soak for 1-2 days after cooling. To make it absorb water. Soaking after germination at 30-33 °C. Melon sowing before sowing 2-3 days, the seeds are soaked in warm water at 50 °C for 10 minutes, constantly stirring, natural cooling with water temperature, soak for 1 hour, then use 1000 times carbendazim solution for seed disinfection 10-20 minutes, After being rinsed clean, wrap it in gauze and germinate at 28-30°C.

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