Autumn cauliflower seedlings in summer

July is the season for growing autumn cauliflower seedlings in the south-central region of Hebei Province. The high temperature, strong light, drought, and little rain weather conditions this summer have brought great inconvenience to the growth of cauliflower. Here are some technical issues that should be noted in the cultivation of autumn cauliflower for your reference.
First, prepare the seedbed

Seed beds should be selected shade plots, it is best to set up shade net above, prevent rain cooling. The pastoral soil of cruciferous vegetables was not grown within 3 years. The nutrient soil was prepared by decomposing farmyard manure, peat soil and compound fertilizer according to a certain proportion. After stirring evenly, slag or stones were sieved and the prepared nutrient soil was prepared. Evenly spread in the seedbed, the thickness of about 5 cm. Formalin is used in 30-50 liters per square meter, 3000 ml of water is sprayed on the surface of the bed, and the film is covered with a plastic film for 3 days to remove the film.

Second, choose the best species

Should choose Snow Mountain, Xuebao, Sai Xue and other heat-resistant, disease-resistant, high yield, high-quality varieties.

Third, the appropriate sowing

Each acre of Daejeon requires seedbed area of ​​5 to 6 square meters, 5 grams of sowing per square meter, the total amount of 25 to 30 grams. The seeding bed was thoroughly watered. After the water was soaked, the seed was evenly spread, covered with 0.5-0.8 cm thick fine soil, and the grass cover or weeds were cooled and moistened.

IV. Seedling management

Summer sowing seedlings, when the high temperature period, the seedlings grow rapidly, the seedling age is generally up to 25 days, 4 to 5 true leaves can be planted, especially important for early maturing varieties, can prevent seedlings from aging after planting, and lead to change Small, cut production. When the seedlings have two true leaves, they should be transplanted. The transplanted bed needs 50-80 square meters. Can be transplanted into sub-beds, or directly into the nutrient bowl. Seedlings generally do not top-dressing, due to the summer heat and heat, water evaporation quickly, easily appear dry seedbed water shortage phenomenon, so should be based on the growth of seedlings, in the morning and evening appropriate to add water to ensure the healthy growth of seedlings.

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