Tomatoes do two defenses in the hot season

Anti-dropping and fruit-dropping during daytime temperature is too high, exceeds 34°C, nighttime is higher than 20°C, or continuous high temperature at 40°C during the day lasts up to 4 hours. Style elongation is obviously higher than that of anther barrel, causing ovary to shrink, resulting in failure of normal pollination of stamen and stamens Fertility and falling fruit.
Control measures: 1 Use a shade net to cover the lower temperature. 2 The use of formula fertilization technology, prevention and control of the use of nitrogen fertilizer, watering to a small water pouring, to avoid flood irrigation, ensure the coordination of moisture, temperature. 3 When the pollination is poor, auxin spray can be used, such as 2,4-D, etc., as required to spray or wipe flowers.

Preventing 2,4-D phytotoxicity with 2,4-D has become a commonly used method, but often some peasants suffer from phytotoxicity due to poor concentration. The concentration ratio is: the temperature after planting is 15°C~20°C and the concentration is 10~15ppm. After the temperature rises, it can be reduced to 6 to 8 ppm. When used, it is not allowed to directly reach the tender shoots or young leaves. Spraying is strictly forbidden. For example, if the amount of flowers in the field is large, 25-40 ppm of spray-resistance can be used instead.

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