To prevent the death of watermelons in summer

Now that it has entered the rainy season, it is the stage where watermelons are difficult to manage during the summer months. It is very prone to "death" in production. It is here to remind melon farmers to focus on prevention.

Watermelon dead cockroach is a kind of disease caused by soil bacteria. It can occur in the watermelon seedlings and adult plants. Especially in the late growth period and high temperature and rainy conditions of watermelon, the incidence is rapid and serious. The general rainy season comes early, long precipitation time, and large rainfall, the onset is early and the condition is heavy. The onset of the peak in the field is often followed by the peak of rainfall. The temperature can be onset at 5°C to 37°C.

Symptoms: The onset of the leaves, resulting in dark green water spots round or irregular shaped spots, rotten or boiled like hot water when the humidity is high, light brown spots when dry, easy to break. The basal part of the vine spreads and a spindle-shaped water-immersed dark green spot appears. The surrounding stalk is severely rotted and all of the diseased parts die. The onset of the fruit formed a dark green, circular, immersed depression spot that quickly spread to the whole fruit, causing the fruit to rot, giving off the odor of silage, and dense mycelium on the surface of the diseased part.

Control methods: From the initial stage of disease development, use 50% methicone wettable powder 700-800 times, 72.2% Precike 800 times liquid, 64% antivirus WP 500 times, etc. Spray 10 times a day for 10 days and spray 3 to 4 times. When necessary, the above liquid can also be used to irrigate the roots, and 0.4-0.5 liters per plant. If spray and irrigation are performed at the same time, the effect is better.

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