Pre-contamination management of unpolluted celery

After the autumn and winter celery cultivation in the greenhouse, the temperature is higher, the light is sufficient, and the amount of soil evaporation is also large. Two to three days after planting, the water should be re-poured twice, and the seedlings will be lifted and lifted to promote the emergence of new shoots. When the heart of the celery leaves is green, it indicates that the slow seedling is over, and the water should be properly controlled and carefully rippered to protect the seedlings for 7-10 days. When the leaves are mostly unfolded, the seedlings must be ended. After the soil is kept dry, see the wet state, generally 4-6d watered once, after the irrigation water, timely soil protection. When the plant grows to 33-35 centimeters in height, it should increase the amount of watering, and often keep the soil moist. After every 667 square meters, 100-200 kilograms of bean cakes are applied, or 10 kilograms of urea or 15 kilograms of ammonium sulfate can be applied with water. Potassium sulfate and other potassium fertilizer 15 kg. Pour 1 frozen water in early November. After the soil is dry, you may not water it.
The cold resistance of celery is strong. When the temperature falls below 0°C, the stems and leaves of the shoots begin to freeze, but as the temperature rises, the frozen stems and leaves can still recover. After the fall of greenhouse celery in autumn and winter, the temperature gradually decreased. To promote the growth of celery, the temperature was controlled at 18-22°C during the day, 13-18°C at night, and the soil temperature was 15-20°C. According to the climate characteristics, different regions can choose the appropriate time for film deduction. After the general frost, the temperature dropped to about 10°C during the day, and when the temperature was lower than 5°C at night, the front roof of the greenhouse was buckled with a plastic film. The northeast region is mid-October.

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