New trends in battery testing

The battery method is also defined as the international standard IEEE ( 1118-1996 ). IEEE ( 1118-1996 ) on page 15 states that the measurement of battery conductance is to add an AC voltage of known frequency and amplitude to both ends of the battery, and then measure the generated current. The AC conductance value is the AC in phase with the AC voltage. The ratio of the current component to the AC voltage; a significant change in conductance (decreased by more than 20% ) means a change in battery performance.

     The conductivity technology can be used not only for the daily maintenance of the battery, but also for the engineering acceptance of the battery pack, especially for the battery pack selection work of each communication carrier.

     Battery maintenance workers often encounter the following phenomenon: several groups of battery packs of the same model installed at the same time are used in the same environment. The voltage and capacity of each battery are normal during project acceptance, but after a period of time. After the operation, some battery packs are in good health, while some battery packs are abnormally behind, and the health condition is getting worse. When this happens, the reason is due to the uneven manufacturing process of the battery, and this process defect is difficult to reflect by measuring the voltage and capacity of the battery when it is simply accepted, if it is added during battery acceptance. The conductivity equalization index excludes monomers with high or low conductance values, and selects cells with balanced voltage, sufficient capacity, and uniform conductance to form a battery pack, which can greatly extend the service life of the battery pack. Similarly, the battery with the same nominal capacity produced by battery manufacturers of different technical levels has different conductance. The larger the conductance value, the smaller the internal resistance, indicating that the higher the process level, the higher the technical content, so the different manufacturers are measured. The conductance value of the battery with the same nominal capacity can be used as an important indicator basis for battery selection.

With the continuous development of the communication network, it can be expected that the pressure of battery pack maintenance will continue to increase. It is believed that the conductivity technology will become the mainstream trend of battery testing technology with its unique scientificity and convenience.

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