Green pepper sauce and green pepper technology

Green pepper sauce

Choose ripe, fresh, red bell peppers as raw materials, cut pedicles, and put them in clean water. Continue to stir with bamboo rods, wash off dirt, dirt, etc. from the attached mud, and drain and pour them into an electric shake machine. Crushed, put into a pickle jar, salted and marinated, about 10 days after consumption. The salting ratio is 10-15kg per 100kg green pepper and 0.1kg alum. In addition, the salting ingredients can also be added pepper, allspice, sesame oil, ginger Dingwei, bean drums, etc., its taste is more unique.

Green pepper

Select green peppers without pest injury or rot and wash them, put them in the tank after cooling the surface water, pave the salt with a layer of green peppers, and press them with the weight (100kg fresh salt and salt 16kg). After 3 days, the brine will be drained out, boiled and then cooled, then placed in the altar with the green peppers closed, put in a cool place for about 5-10 days to eat.

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