Meizhou Jinyou post-harvest management

Winter is not only a nutrient accumulation of golden pomelo, but also a period of flower bud differentiation. In order to ensure normal production of fruit trees in the following year, a series of winter management such as fertilization, pruning, and clear garden should be done.

First, fertilizer tree

The first work after the harvest of golden pomelo is to restore the tree vigor. Some growers believe that the first thing to do after harvest is to apply organic fertilizer in the trenches. This is actually a wrong practice because after the harvest, the trees absorb maladjustment and the tree vigor is weak, and the digging is bound to hurt the roots. The effects on the plants are worse. The correct approach is to apply the available water and fertilizer as soon as possible, and the drought orchard should spray water first. Fertilization should be based on the strength of the tree, divided into different categories. The normal hanging fruit tree can be used urea, imported compound fertilizer 0.5-1 kilograms, sub-secondary lighter manure water 2-3 amortized. Old and weak trees are used once every five to seven days for three consecutive times and increase the amount of water used. From mid-November, spray 1-2 times with 20 ppm 2,4-D plus 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate to ensure the leaves are safe for winter.

Second, tree trim

The purpose of pruning is to reduce the consumption and the source of pests and diseases, increase the accumulation of trees, and to facilitate ventilation and light transmission and improve photosynthesis. Therefore, on the basis of comprehensively cutting off diseases, insects, dead branches, clearing fallen fruit, and destroying fallen leaves, we must also carry out sparse cutting and retraction of the enclosed trees. The objects that are sparse are the autumn shoots that cannot turn green, and the delicate cross branches; the objects that are retracted are the formidable branches at the top of the strong tree, the sticking branches in the middle and lower parts, and the horizontal branches that are too elongated. Branches that cross between plants need to be broken early, dried off, or even felled.

Third, spraying

Spraying in winter should be done on the premise of keeping green leaves as much as possible. In recent years, the occurrence of pests and diseases in orchards has become severe and has caused some losses to farmers. Therefore, we must pay close attention to the principle of winter insecticides and insecticides, mainly to combat black spot disease, ulcer disease, and fleas, fleas, and maggots. Can be sprayed with 50% tumefa 500 times or 75% chlorothalonil 700 times with the corresponding insecticide + new high fat film, every 5-7 days and then 1 Baume degree lime sulfur or 95% new engine oil emulsion (or Caltex's enemy) 300 times. When spraying, it is necessary not only to spray the tree body, but also to wet the surface so as to help eliminate the source of overwintering diseases and pests on the surface.

Fourth, Shi Dongfei

In mid-to late November, when the tree vigor has basically recovered, it can be used for fertilization. Rich tree can open several strips with a width of about 0.5 meters. Each plant applies 2.5-3.5 kg of bran fertilizer, 25 kg of decomposed chicken manure (or 100 kg of manure), and 1.5 kg of phosphorus powder. To increase 0.25 kg of magnesium sulfate, 50 grams of borax. When applying fertilizers under layered conditions, the fertilizer should be dispersed as much as possible and mix well with the soil so as to avoid fertilizer damage. The work of fertilizing the soil should be completed before mid-December.

Fifth, turn over the park, dry tree protection

Turning over the garden in winter is a necessary task to reduce the source of pests and change the structure of the soil pellet. First lime powder, 30-50 kilograms of mu, and then the whole garden turning soil 3-5 inches (boron tree should be used with caution lime dosage). At the same time when arranging the trenches, select high-quality mountain hide, dry pond or fire and earth ash to fill the exposed root groups and clear the drainage and irrigation system. The trunk can be used as Bordeaux mixture or lime of 1:1:10: sulfur: salt: water =1:0.1: 0.03:10 lime sulfur was applied to the stems. In recent years, general tree protection trees were sprayed to protect the trees, sterilized, insulated and protected against freezing, and the trees were safely overwintered.

Six, control of water

In the winter, normal fruit-bearing trees should be treated with moderate drought in addition to a certain amount of moisture during the restoration of tree vigor. This is good for flower bud differentiation. After the “winter solstice”, when the flower buds differentiate into the later stages, the water requirements of the various organs of the tree begin to increase. Especially after the “big chill”, as the twigs are enriched, the water requirement is increasing, and the water should be guaranteed in production. Supply, that is, keeping the orchard moist, otherwise it will not only affect the development of flower organs, but also postpone the drawing of spring shoots and flower buds, creating a passive situation for production. Therefore, it is necessary to master the use of water in the grapefruit garden during the deep winter season to ensure the normal growth of the tree. (China Plant Protection Network: Wei Linfei)

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