Control Techniques of Strawberry Pests in Greenhouse

The pests that harm greenhouses are mainly locusts and red spiders. Its prevention technology is:

First, the locust: it is due to strawberry damage caused by the absorption of juice to prevent fruit production, but also due to locust discharge nectar and leaves, fruit contamination. In addition, locusts are also vectors for transmitting viruses. Use medicaments: remove old leaves in time, clean up fields, eliminate weeds. Before spraying, 50% sprayed 2000 times liquid fog, a total of spray 1 to 2 times.

Second, the red spider: the main damage to strawberry is spider mites, yellow spiders, especially red spiders. When the leaves were initially damaged, a small grayish white spot appeared, and then gradually expanded, so that the whole leaf was covered with white patterns, yellowed and curled, and the plants were dwarfed and withered, which seriously affected the growth. Use of chemicals: When the inflorescence appears early, it can be sprayed with 0.3-degree lime sulfur and sprayed once every seven days. Before harvesting the fruit, the 20% synergic phytosteril 5,000-8000 times solution with low residual toxicity was sprayed twice, with an interval of 5 days. Note that pesticides are banned 2 weeks before fruit picking.

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