These pigs should not be immunized

The immunization of pigs can prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, but not all pigs can be immunized. So, which pigs should not be immune injection?

1. Piglets within 20 days of age. At this stage, swine fever can obtain immune antibodies through breast milk, and swine fever with maternal antibodies can inhibit the vaccine.

2. Diseased pigs. Affected pigs have reduced resistance and immunization will not produce enough immunity, which will also increase the pig's condition.

3. Pre-pregnancy and late sows. The fertilized eggs of the first half of the first month of the sow are susceptible to irritation and miscarriage, so the immunization can not be used. The first half of the sow is a critical period for the fetus to develop rapidly. At this time, various physiological functions of sows change greatly. Sensitive to foreign stimuli, it is best not to fight epidemic needles during this period.

4. Boars at breeding time. Studies have shown that after the boar has been injected with swine fever, swine erysipelas, and porcine lung vaccine, the semen quality generally begins to decline from the 4th day and is reduced to 180 ml from the 10th to the 12th day. It can return to normal after 15 to 20 days. For this reason, boars that are in the breeding period should not fight the epidemic prevention needles. They should fight the epidemic prevention needles during the non-breeding period to ensure the successful breeding.

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