Three kinds of garlic food processing

The processing of savory garlic, garlic and garlic powders is simple in equipment, good in efficiency, and large in market demand. It is suitable for small-scale enterprises and individual farmers.
Choose full-grown garlic, uniform size, dry, white flesh, no pests, no damage, no insects, no mildew.
First, the salty garlic clove first soak garlic with water for 12 hours, remove the garlic pedicle, endothelium and attached to the garlic garlic half transparent (not to hurt the garlic meat), rinse and blanch. The blanching liquid formula is: 100 kg of clear water, 50 grams of citric acid, 100 grams of alum, and the liquid temperature is 95°C. The blanching time is based on the stoppage of small air bubbles at the pedicles of the pedicles (long or short time will affect the color, luster and crispness of the product). The blanched garlic clove shall be immediately poured into the water and cooled (note To be cold-cold), rinse, remove, drain, and marinate. The method of preparation is: firstly picking with 7 Baume degrees of salt for 24 hours, adding salt to the concentration of 11 Baume degrees for 24 hours, adding salt to adjust the concentration to 15 Baume degrees for 48 hours, and finally setting the concentration Adjusted to 22 Baume of pickled for more than 15 days (in this case, salt must be kept in time to maintain a stable concentration of salt water). After the garlic is pulled out of the jar, it removes discolored and scarred defectives, making the granules complete, no odor, and crisp and tender. ” is a qualified product.
Second, garlic sauce is not under the premise of destroying and losing the active ingredients of garlic, remove garlic garlic odor, so that allicin garlic and soybean paste in the combination of vitamins, generate garlic thiamine, its unique flavor, taste Brittle beauty. The processing method comprises: firstly putting the peeled garlic into 20% saline, soaking in the condition of 5° C.-8° C. for 10 days, and then washing the marinated garlic with water, performing dehydration treatment, and then placing Clean the container and spread it evenly. Spread pure pepper and seasoning powder evenly for 24 hours and dip it into the sauce jar. After about 6 months, serve as a special sauce garlic.
Third, garlic powder first garlic will be placed in cold water soak for about 1 hour, pick up, go to the epidermis, drain the remaining water, and then into the beater, add 1/3 garlic weight of water, beaten pulp, and then use the gauze Filtration, followed by dehydration of the garlic paddles, may be performed using a fine cloth wrap, or a centrifuge may be used to separate the moisture, and the moisture may be quickly removed in one go. Finally, the dehydrated wet garlic powder is placed on a baking tray, transferred to a drying room, and baked at a constant temperature of 50° C. for about 5 hours (dry to a size that can be squeezed by hand), and then pulverized with a grinder. Sieve to make it look like flour, which is finished product. Excerpt from: The Friends of the Rich Farmers 2006.09

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