Drying of honeybees

Excerpted from: Agricultural Technology Service 2005.10
The bee quail is rich in nutrients, crisp and crispy in flavor, and it is truly a natural and delicious food. In recent years, in Jishou, Zhangjiajie, and other places in Xiangxi, the prices of bee stings have reached as high as 400 yuan per kilogram, making them a special native gift for relatives and friends present in the mountains.
The bee stings are generally the larvae and stings of wild bees such as wasps, wasps, black bees, and bumblebees. These bees belong to insects such as Insecta, Hymenoptera, and Vespa. In the mountainous area of ​​western Hunan, it can develop for 2 to 5 generations in one year, and the picking period should be controlled from the oldest larvae to the most suitable pupa period. Bees and clams are fresh products, except for freshly fried food, most of them are processed by dry method to facilitate storage and packaging.
1. After the artificial hive, the hive is collected and wrapped with a nylon gauze, and then smoked in the smoke for 2 to 5 minutes to drive out the individual hovering bees hiding in the hive. After smoking, unwind the gauze to remove dirt, debris, bark and other impurities from the surface of the hive. There are mainly two methods for artificially taking lice: one is to remove the gingival wall membrane with small clips, and then remove the larvae and larvae one by one from the hive; the other is to burn the beehive downwards in an open flame for 1 to 3 minutes. The mouth wall membrane burns out and exposes the steamed bread, and then gently pats the lid by hand to make the larvae and larvae fall out of the room. Individuals can't be peeled off and then clipped with small clips. Remove the bee sting and place it in a clean bamboo basket or pot.
2. Wash hot pot with salt water, pour appropriate amount of water and put in a small amount of salt. The concentration of salt water is 2.5%~3.3%. Then boil the water and put the peeled larvae and larvae into boiling water. 5 minutes. If the pot is small, it can be divided into many times. Afterwards, remove and drain and spread thinly on bamboo rafts.
3, dry (bake) dry after boiling water, the bee clams to drain water in time, thinly spread on bamboo rafts under the sun drying. In case of rain and dry weather, the carcass moisture content should be controlled below 14%. It can also be used to fry for two or three minutes on the basis of drying (baking) and draining, so that the appearance and color of the bee can be more smooth and glossy.
4. After the package has been processed and dried, the powder must be removed before packing so that the body is complete and the size is consistent. Food bags that meet food hygiene standards are selected and packaged in 500, 250, and 125 grams of different sizes. The inner bag should be sealed airtight, affixed to the processing date, placed in a dry place for storage or on the market.
The processing of bee sturgeon is based on picking, picking, squeezing, drying (drying), packaging and other processing techniques, which can ensure the quality of the processing, the method is simple, the operation is easy, and the storage period can reach more than 6 months. (Yan Qiping)
Author: Guzhang County Agricultural Bureau of Hunan Province


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