Cultivated ginseng drugs one day become food consumption should not exceed 3 g

In the future, ginseng can not only appear as a medicinal material in pharmacies, but also appear on supermarket food shelves. Its identity is food. Yesterday, the Ministry of Health announced affix new "identity card" as the cultivated ginseng - new food resources. However, consumers need to be reminded that although you have become a food, you can't take it in large doses. You can't consume more than 3 grams a day.

Transfiguration originated from international standards In 2009, the International Codex Alimentarius Commission reviewed and approved the “Ginseng Food” international standard, which stipulates that artificially cultivated ginseng can be used for food. According to the results of the evaluation of the safety of artificially cultivated ginseng, the Ministry of Health recently issued an announcement approving ginseng (artificial planting) as a new resource food.

The announcement pointed out that the ginseng used for food must be ginseng planted for 5 years and less. The edible parts are roots and rhizomes, and the amount of edible ginseng should not exceed 3 grams per day. At the same time, the health and safety indicators of artificially cultivated ginseng should meet the requirements of China's relevant standards. Pregnant women, lactating women and children under the age of 14 are unfit for human consumption. Manufacturers should mark unsuitable populations and consumption limits in labels and instructions.

Multi-sectoral demonstration of food safety Previously, the Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration, and the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, organized multidisciplinary experts to carry out relevant argumentation work on artificially cultivated ginseng. Experts in the fields of tissue medicine, Chinese medicine, agriculture, food, nutrition, toxicology, pharmacology, and technology reviewed the safety, activity, nutrient composition, inappropriate population, etc. of artificially cultivated ginseng, and considered that healthy people consumed artificial food according to the consumption limit. Ginseng cultivation is safe. In March 2012, the Ministry of Health sought approval of artificially cultivated ginseng as a new resource for food and sought public opinions from the community.

■Expert views on reducing the use of food companies Guan Ping, president of Hangzhou Nanyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said that the new regulations have little impact on pharmaceutical companies. “Because all medicines of pharmaceutical companies are selected according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health on pharmaceuticals, It will not affect the selection criteria of drug companies for medicinal herbs.” But this news has lowered the threshold for the use of ginseng for food manufacturers. Guan Ping said that after the artificially cultivated ginseng has become a food product, the food company can expand production varieties to meet consumer demand. Guan Ping said that artificially grown ginseng is included in the food, reflecting the safety of ginseng, “just like prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs, artificially grown ginseng is like non-prescription drugs, consumers can choose according to their own health.”

The prices of wild ginseng will not be pulled down. However, a person in charge of the health food industry who does not wish to be identified believes that once the artificially cultivated ginseng is included in the ranks of food, relevant departments must strengthen supervision, and the industry should implement self-discipline. First of all, artificially cultivated ginseng has medicinal value. In the actual production process, the manufacturer must strictly control the dose. Secondly, it is not ruled out that some unscrupulous enterprises are poorly filled. “The inferior ginseng is difficult to distinguish from the appearance after steaming and boiling, but its medicinal value is greatly reduced.”

Will artificially grown ginseng lower the price of ginseng when it becomes food? The person thinks that the price of artificially cultivated ginseng itself is not high, so it will not have much impact.

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