Non-invasive anemia sensor developed successfully test results directly on the phone display

Medical electronic channel news, smart phones have changed our lives in many ways, whether it is entertainment or medical health, Sano Intelligence recently launched a blood monitoring and data analysis through the App. At the same time, HemoGlobe of Maryland, USA, has also developed a non-invasive device that can detect deficiencies and display results on smartphones.

The sensor is a small plastic device that can be placed over the patient's finger. Through the various wavelengths of light on the fingertips, the instrument can detect the amount of hemoglobin in your blood. When it is below average, it may be anemia.

The biggest significance of this device is that it can be used outside the hospital, especially in some developing countries. This is better, there is no obstacle when dealing with people like children. Once the problem is detected, the phone can send the problem to the central database for professionals to analyze, so that the right medicine can be given. The device is manufactured for approximately $10-20 each.

HemoGlobe stood out from the entrepreneurial competition in the university's bioengineering department and received $250,000 in seed investment. The question they have now is whether investors can help them out of the campus.

The non-invasive anemia sensor was successfully developed and the test result was directly displayed on the mobile phone.

Fruit Tea

Scented tea is also known as fruit grain of tea, is a kind of tea drink, in a variety of flowers and fruit drying, concentrate composition contains a variety of vitamins, fruit acid and minerals, but contains no caffeine and tannic acid, a variety of different flavors of scented tea is slightly different in composition, after brewing can still maintain the original flavor of fruit, rich aroma, add rock sugar drink, It can relieve mood and have the effect of beauty.
Flower and fruit tea, half is used to taste, half is used to appreciate, can not be put in a crock. When making tea, it is best to choose a transparent glass pot. It is also a kind of enjoyment to see the glittering and translucent tea water a little bit by the petals. In the brewing process of flower and fruit tea, the temperature should be slightly higher than that of general tea. Because the general tea has been rolled in the process of processing this process, and the flower and fruit tea in the production is generally dry after drying.
It should be noted that on the premise of brewing the flavor of tea soup, the brewing temperature should not be as high as possible, because some effective active substances in tea, such as polyphenols and flavonoids, will decompose at high temperature, so that the efficacy is damaged. Generally speaking, the higher the brewing temperature, the more bitter taste in the tea, can be appropriate to add a little orange juice, honey and other bitter. Of course, if you like a strong taste, you can also cook it.
Storage: The general storage method is to use a dry container, stored in a cool, dry environment. Drink as soon as possible after opening to ensure freshness. To serve, use a dry spoon. It is recommended to put scented tea into the refrigerator freezer, pay attention to storage should be away from fishy smell, avoid fish, seafood and other food put together.

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