Precautions for purchasing a dry powder mixer

Dry powder mixer is also a mixer for mixing dry powder materials, and some is called dry powder mixer. The general working principle of this equipment is internal mixing. We all know the equipment for mixing dry powder materials. The equipment is good or bad. Bearing design, if the bearing design is not reasonable, then how much steel plate you use, or how big the motor, how advanced the reducer, as long as your bearing is not working, then your equipment can only be a pile of scrap iron Therefore, we advise the prospective customers of the majority of dry powder mixers, do not only look at the thickness of the steel plate, mainly depends on whether the design of the bearing is reasonable, whether the installation procedure of the bearing is complicated, and we say that the customers who use the dry powder mixer are after all It is not mechanical. For the chemical, paint, dry powder and other formulas, we know better. If you let me go to the machinery, it is a bit difficult. Therefore, we must not blindly pursue the thickness when we purchase, mainly depends on the design of the bearing.

There is also the design of the stirring structure. Only the dry powder mixer with the reasonable design of the stirring structure can be used in the production process. At the same time, only the mixer with reasonable mixing structure can ensure the uniformity of the materials we are mixing. Degree, so that the quality of the finished paint products we produce is guaranteed.

Then there is the use of the motor. Now I can tell you very responsibly in the market that 90% of the aluminum wire motors are used. As long as people with a little common sense know that the melting point of aluminum is higher than the melting point of copper. It's much lower, that is to say, the same temperature uses copper for the motor. No, maybe with an aluminum wire motor, the motor may burn out. Maybe some users have some confusion, then I will say it again. Generally speaking, the motor rotates the material to be hot. Generally, the motor industry requires that the motor is normal as long as the temperature is not higher than seventy degrees, but the same temperature, the copper motor has nothing to do, the aluminum motor will burn, I I believe that these vast customers should understand, so we must remember in the process of preparing the dry powder mixer, we would rather buy a refurbished copper motor, or a new aluminum wire motor.

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