How to See the Fertilizer after Turning Green Wheat

Wheat is a tiller crop, and its growth after returning to green crops is mainly affected by soil fertility levels, basal fertilizer application rates, and climate changes. If “Wang Miao” is caused by high soil fertility or sufficient basal fertilizer, it may be postponed until the jointing stage and then top-dressing, and the amount of top-dressing will be appropriately reduced; if Wang Miao is caused by late sowing and large population density, and the leaf color Yellowing, top dressing should be postponed until the jointing stage, but the amount of fertilizer can not be reduced. At this time, the 1st to 2nd sections of wheat are basically fixed, and the risk of lodging is not great.

If the soil is low in fertility, the base fertilizer is insufficient, and the seedlings are small and dilute, they can be used as fertilizer in the soil when the soil is frozen and the wheat seedlings return to green. The appropriate amount of irrigation water is 5 to 10 kg of urea or 15 to 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate per mu. Apply once again. But pay attention to the amount of irrigation can not be large, because this period is just slow seedlings, water demand is small, the amount of water is too low to make the soil temperature, but not conducive to the growth of wheat.

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