New Way to Develop "Green" Pesticides: Introducing Nuclear Technology into Microbial Pesticides

There are many kinds of microorganisms and they have unique biological characteristics. All countries in the world attach great importance to their research. Especially in the 21st century, human society is facing world problems such as population expansion, reduction of arable land, food crisis, deterioration of the ecological environment, new diseases, exhaustion of resources, and microbiology is a key frontier discipline for solving these problems. As far as our country is concerned, agricultural losses caused by pests and diseases every year account for about 20% of the total output value. The direct economic losses caused by pests and diseases each year are as high as 5 billion or more. Chemical pesticides have long been used for prevention and control, but chemistry Pesticides have always had many problems that cannot be overcome, such as drug dependence, environmental pollution, and pesticide residues. In the microbial world, many species have high-toxicity against many pests. At the same time, biological pesticides developed using these microorganisms are not only effective in preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests, but also are non-toxic to humans and animals, do not pollute the environment, and have no residues, and pests are difficult to produce drug resistance. , can well overcome the adverse effects of chemical pesticides. Therefore, both at home and abroad are researching and developing bio-insecticides and fungicides. The research and application of microbial pesticides in our country started late, developed slowly, basic research is weak, and technical means are single. Microbial pesticides currently account for only about 5% of the total pesticide production and sales, which is a big gap compared with developed countries. In view of the status of research and production of microbial pesticides in China, Sichuan Province Youth Science and Technology Fund winners, young academic leaders, current director of the Sichuan Institute of Applied Nuclear Technology, Ph.D. and researcher Chen Hao, boldly proposed the introduction of nuclear technology to the introduction of microbial pesticides The construction of a highly efficient multi-functional genetically engineered bacterium for the production of bio-insecticides has been the first time in the world for research and development. Prof. Hao Chen was selected by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to go to the Japan Institute of Atomic Energy to specialize in radiation control of food micro-organisms and viruses and radiation technology research. He has undertaken three provincial-level research projects and one applied basic project. He published 12 academic papers, published more than 20 academic papers, 1 book, and 1 Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in domestic academic journals, and enjoyed high reputation in civil nuclear academic circles. Sichuan Institute of Applied Nuclear Technology is a comprehensive research institute engaged in the research and application of civil nuclear technology. Since its establishment in 1962, it has been involved in agricultural radiation breeding, food radiation, agricultural (subsidiary and animal) product degradation, isotope hydrology, The research and development fields of radiation crosslinking modification of polymer materials, disinfection and sterilization of medical and health products, new 60Co-γ radiation devices, accelerator devices, etc., have successively undertaken IAEA contract projects, national and provincial level projects more than 150 The project has achieved great social and economic benefits. Since 2003, the Institute has relied on its technical strength on the one hand and actively strengthened cooperation with foreign research institutes on the other hand, keeping up with the development frontiers of research on bioengineering and biopesticides in the world, and introducing high-yield bacteriostatic and insecticidal active substances in Russia. The strains, combined with research experience in the radiation application of this site, open new ways for the development of “green” biological pesticides. Through the research of a new microbial pesticide formulation research project, an efficient genetic engineering strain with independent intellectual property rights will be constructed, developed into one or two kinds of highly effective bio-insecticides or fungicides, and a series of independent intellectual property rights will be discovered. Special function genes. The introduction of nuclear technology into the development of microbial pesticides and the construction of highly efficient multi-functional genetic engineering bacteria to produce bio-insecticides (for the first time at home and abroad). Obtaining specific insecticidal functional genes and locating bio-active factors to guide the optimization of fermentation conditions and formulation studies of bio-insecticides are all part of the research that introduced and made major improvements. The use of modern biotechnology to develop bio-insecticides or fungicides for biological control of agricultural pests and diseases has played a very positive role in promoting the production and quality of agricultural products, preventing environmental pollution, and maintaining ecological balance. It has a very important social Benefits and economic benefits. This project closely follows the development frontiers of bioengineering and biopesticide research in the world, and focuses on the innovative and practical aspects of microbial pesticides. It is advanced in the following areas: (1) The introduction of nuclear technology into the development of microbial pesticides and the construction of highly effective multi-functional genes Engineering strains; (2) Obtaining specific insecticidal functional genes, and positioning bioactive factors, to guide the optimization of fermentation conditions and the formulation of bio-insecticides. The realization of these goals will enable the overall level of the project to reach the international advanced level.

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