Requirements when using medical pendant

Medical pendant is new medical equipment, it can bring great help to doctor. Medical Pendant can be put in operating room, supporting medical gas. Such as support oxygen to patient, or attract the air which is in the wound. As a machine used in surgery, this machine must be safe and the technology must stand the test. Only in this way can it be operated effectively, help the doctor to perform the surgery smoothly and ensure the health of the patient.

Requirement when using medical pendant in operating room:

1. improve safety awareness

For the relevant staff, in order to operate it safety, their own safety awareness must be cultivated and established. There are large numbers of operators who have very weak awareness in this area before, and the relevant safety standards are only at a low level, this cannot be achieved.

2. Improve professional skills

For Medical Device managers, they must improve their professional ability. In addition to the theoretical aspects, the actual management must also be improved.

3. Part application requirements

The performance indicators of various parts of medical pendant need to be tested regularly. If any unsatisfied situation occurs, it must be dealt with immediately. The partial failure will make the overall function play a certain obstacle.

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