Analysis of common faults in hot air circulation oven

Understand whether the items to be heated in the hot air circulation oven are too dense, whether the high temperature and high efficiency filter is blocked, whether the air volume adjustment plate is changed, and after eliminating these reasons, it is judged whether the circulation fan is faulty, resulting in poor circulation of hot air circulation, damp heat The air cannot be discharged normally. Secondly, from the fault phenomenon and the circuit principle of the oven, the oven can be heated, indicating that the output signal of the GCD-23A intelligent computer temperature controller is normal, and the PLC input and output signals are also normal. After the above failure analysis, it can be concluded that the control signal and the adjustable components are normal, and then checked from the following aspects.

(1) Check the PID adjustment parameters of the GCD-23A intelligent computer temperature controller to see if the human error operation causes the setting parameters to change, thus causing the system to malfunction. The PID parameters directly affect the adjustment accuracy of the system and are the core content of the control system design. Through the appropriate PID parameters, the PID control can calculate the system control amount by proportional, integral and differential according to the error characteristics of the system controlled process, and obtain the corresponding output response characteristics, and the control system can achieve satisfactory control effect. Restore the normal setting value of the PID parameter. Secondly, it is checked whether the circulating fan is running normally and the steering is correct. If the fan is reversed or the fan load is too high and the speed is too slow, it will affect the hot air circulation. When the fan is reversed, any two phases of the fan's power supply can be reversed; when the fan speed is too slow, it should be checked from two aspects: (1) Whether the power supply voltage is normal, whether there is phase loss or winding open circuit.

(2) Whether there are any problems such as broom, vibration, bearing overheating, damage, loosening of the fan blades, etc. Can be excluded for specific situations. Check again if the solid state relay and heater are partially open. Solid state relay (SOLIDSTATERELAYS), abbreviated as 'SSR', is a new type of non-contact switching device composed entirely of solid-state electronic components, which utilizes the switching characteristics of electronic components such as switching transistors, semiconductor devices such as triacs. It can achieve the purpose of turning on and off the circuit without contact and non-sparking, so it is also called “contactless switch”. SSR successfully realizes the control of strong signal (output load voltage) by weak signal (Vsr) The partial disconnection of the SSR after the virtual connection or conduction causes the 380V power supply to be out of phase, and the heater cannot be fully heated. The treatment method is to repair or replace the solid state relay. The partial disconnection of the heater will also prevent the heating from working all the way, causing the heating process. Too slow. Repair or replace the heater. Completely handle the problem. Close the circulating oven air switch and run the program according to the operating instructions of the oven. After 2.5 hours of heating, the oven reaches the set temperature and the time relay starts timing. The oven enters the stage of insulation and sterilization of intermittent heating. After 1 hour of heat preservation, the oven starts to cool down and cools, and after 2.3 hours, the whole is dried.

Laser Rangefinder Sensor

Laser rangefinder module, which has two application, one is mainly designed for long distance range finder, another is for secondary development industrial Laser Distance Sensor, which support ttl/usb/rs232/rs485 adapter output data.

With different range measuring program, JRT laser measure tools module, can satisfy customers` different requirements, 200m, 300m, 500m, 1000m, 1200m, 1500m, 3000m.

We have been in this line for 10 years, with a strong R&D ability and hard working, we are now a leading supplier of Laser Distance Meter modules in China.

Product Specifications:

Measuring Range (without Reflection)



±1 m

Laser Class

Class I

Laser Type




Battery type


Operating Temperature

-10-50 ℃ (14-122 ℉ )




About 4g

Operating Temperature

-10-50 ℃ (14-122 ℉ )

Storage Temperature

-25~60 ℃ (-13~140 ℉)

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