See egg ingredients increase efficiency

Looking at egg ingredients can make laying hens produce more eggs, produce bigger eggs, and increase economic efficiency. The specific approach is as follows:

First, the egg-laying hens have a strong ability to lay eggs continuously, generally about 20 days after the start of production. The egg weight of large layer chickens should be 45-55 grams, and the egg weight of small layer chickens should be 40-45 grams. If the continuous eggs weigh less than 45 grams or 40 grams, then the protein content in the feed is insufficient, and the feed formula should be adjusted immediately. The formula is: corn powder 53.8%, bran 6%, bean cake 20%, rapeseed cake 4%, Fishmeal 4%, cocoon 4%, shell powder 6%, bone meal 2%, salt 0.2%.

Second, laying hens open 1-3 months, egg type should increase. For large hens, the egg weight should be 50-60 grams. For small sized hens, the egg weight should be 45-55 grams. If less than 50 grams or 45 grams is reached, the chicken production rate will not reach 65% and protein should be added to the feed. The feed formula was: corn powder 51.8%, bran 6%, bean cake 20%, fish meal 5.5%, cocoon 5%, rapeseed cake 4%, shell powder 6.5%, salt 0.2%, blood meal 1%.

Third, the laying hens will start production for more than 3 months. Normal egg weights should be 55-60 grams, and individual cultivars should be more than 60 grams. If this criterion is not met, the protein in the diet should be increased by 2-3%, preferably supplemented with animal protein.

Mushroom Soy Sauce

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