Continuous spraying of copper bactericides can cause ticks to occur

In recent years, China's pesticide industry has developed rapidly. The copper bactericide has achieved good results in disease prevention and treatment of crops, and it has become an indispensable bactericidal agent for capturing agricultural harvests, and it has become a bactericide that has broken the status of traditional fungicides. The copper bactericide has a wide range of bactericidal functions and is highly protective. When the medicament is sprayed on the surface of the plant, it forms a layer of protection. It releases copper ions and sterilizes under certain humidity conditions. It can effectively inhibit the growth of mycelium and destroy its reproductive organs. spread. The control effect on bacterial diseases and diseases caused by fungi and downy mildew fungi is better than that of common fungicides. It is also a bactericidal effect that similar fungicides do not have and has a stimulatory effect on plant growth. Copper bactericide microscopic particles, powder per kilogram of powder is 4 times the general bactericide, its excellent diffusion and adhesion, after application can evenly attached to the surface of the plant, the contact surface with the bacteria is larger, Resistant to rain erosion, so the bactericidal effect is stronger. Therefore, farmers are increasingly dependent on copper bactericides, but all kinds of pesticides have advantages and disadvantages.

Many years of production practices and experiments have proved that the continuous application of copper bactericides to prevent crop diseases can cause fleas to occur. There are three main reasons:

First, the bactericidal mechanism of copper preparations releases copper ion sterilization under certain humidity conditions, inhibits the growth of mycelia, and has no killing effect on ticks.

The second is that the copper bactericide released by the copper agent can release the copper ions at the same time and can absorb the crops, stimulate growth and development, promote early maturation, increase yield, resist low temperature, etc., make the fruits and vegetables color well, make the fruit bright and shiny, and thus trap the lice. Inhabits, sucks and breeds.

The third is that the copper bactericide has a killing effect on the natural enemies of terpenes.

Therefore, in the occurrence season of pests and dry seasons, it should be noted that the copper agent fungicides are used interchangeably with other types of fungicides. Do not use them repeatedly for a long time so as to avoid serious occurrence of mites.

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