Chinese cabbage ready for disease prevention

Before and after the beginning of autumn, it was the time of planting Chinese cabbage in North China, but diseases such as soft rot, dry heart, downy mildew, and black spot disease affected the yield and quality of Chinese cabbage each year, which was a big problem for farmers.

Most farmers spray only when they find a diseased plant. The result is often unsatisfactory. A drug can be used up to one week at a time, otherwise the disease will continue. In this way, farmers will have to spray once a week for a growing season, spraying at least three times the drug, and time and money will also result in higher drug residues. In fact, integrated control is the best prevention and control program.

Choose varieties with good resistance and high quality to choose the type of cannon-shaped Chinese cabbage represented by Beijing Xinsanhao as its representative disease resistance and quality.

Plot selection and ridge cultivation Chinese cabbage is not tolerant to drought and is not tolerant to drought. High-humidity environment is very conducive to the production of soft rot, downy mildew and black spot. Sandy loams and drainage-water-convenient lands should be selected as far as possible, and ridge cultivation can significantly reduce disease occurrence.

Balanced fertilization is very important. Chinese cabbage also likes potassium. About 100 pounds of potassium sulfate-based NPK fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer per acre. During the rosette stage, high-quality potassium nitrate is topdressed. Both nitrogen and potassium can be supplemented, and 30 kg of urea and 20 kg of potassium sulfate can also be applied per acre. Apply as much organic fertilizer as possible, but it must be fully decomposed organic fertilizer.

Timely sowing should be appropriately delayed in the development period and the period of high temperature and high humidity in the rosette period should be avoided, which can significantly reduce the occurrence of diseases. Early maturing varieties are delayed as much as one week after the beginning of autumn, medium maturing varieties can be postponed to three days after the beginning of autumn, and late-maturing varieties are planted on the day of the autumn.

Seed treatment to reduce the amount of bacteria before sowing with 3% methobiotin wettable powder by seed weight of 1% seed dressing, or 40% Dufu bromide wettable powder, according to the seed weight of 0.3% seed dressing.

Spray pesticides in advance to prevent the disease. Continuous spraying of three doses of Chinese cabbage should be done once every 7 days. The pharmaceutical agent may be selected from agricultural streptomycin, mesitectin, and 30% copper phthalocyanine ferric acid suspending agent to prevent bacterial diseases such as soft rot and black rot.

After the onset of spraying, or removing diseased strains, a soft rot was found. First, the diseased plants were taken out of the field and buried deeply, and they were immediately sprayed. For downy mildew, 72% of cream urea manganese zinc wettable powder, dimethomorph, etc. can be used. For the fungal diseases such as black spot and anthracnose, difenoconazole and myclobutanil can be used for dry fungus. Heartburn, you will need to spray the foliar fertilizer containing calcium plus zinc-iron-boron multi-element fertilizer, and even spray twice.

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