Removal of meat odor odor management

Removal of carcass odor minimizes the use of raw materials that adversely affect the carcass during the later stages of fattening. The content of fish meal should be controlled within 3%. Otherwise, although the growth rate of the duck is faster, the body fat of the duck is high, and the duck body of the duck is likely to have fishy smell. In the prevention of drug use, some odor-sensitive drugs such as allicin should be used sparingly or with caution. Long-term use will result in a strong garlic taste in the carcasses. In addition, some antibiotics and chemical additives should be used with caution during the rearing period. In order to remove the body odor of meat ducks, some Chinese herbs flavor feeds can be added during feeding to reduce the steroidal skatole content of the carcasses so that the carcasses can maintain their own distinctive umami taste. In the processing process, all factors that cause carcass odor, such as unclean water, should be excluded as much as possible. Frozen ducks should be kept at a distance of no less than 30 cm from the wall and no less than 10 cm from the ground when stored in a freezer, kept at a distance from the ceiling, and stored in a divided manner. The library must not store any articles that interfere with hygiene. No contaminated or odorous, odoriferous foods should be stored in the same warehouse. For long-term storage, there may be frozen ducks that are likely to become rancid, especially if they are frozen on the wall or floor. Thawed ducks that have failed to be sold in time for thawing should not be placed in the library so as to avoid odors in other ducks.

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