Electric hot plate introduction and application notes

1. Introduction to electric heating plate :

The electric heating plate is made of an electrothermal alloy wire as a heating material, and a mica soft plate is used as an insulating material, and a device for heating by a thin metal plate (aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc.) is outsourced. Typical applications are for example electric hot water bottles. The metal tubular electric heating element is cast in an aluminum plate, an aluminum plate or welded or mounted on an aluminum plate or an aluminum plate to form an electric heating plate of various shapes and electric heating. Typical applications include, for example, rice cookers, electric irons, electric coffee makers, and the like.

2. Precautions for installation and use of electric heating plate 1. The contact surface of the position where the electric heating element is installed should be flat without unevenness.
2. The heating element should be placed dry to avoid immersion in water to affect its insulation properties.
3. When installing, check whether the installation position and the heating element specifications are consistent, and the voltage used is the same.
4. After installation, check the inner six-pin bolts, whether the terminal block bolts and the connecting bolts are locked, so as to avoid the thermal expansion and contraction affecting the life of the product.
5. It should be used at the specified voltage.

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