Bee Colony Selection

The environment (conditions) of the bee farm is an external factor of beekeeping, and it has a close relationship and influence on bee life and beekeeping production. Therefore, careful selection and management of swarm wintering sites has an important role in the safe wintering of bee colonies. One must be leeward in the field, not in the place where the tuyere or wind is blowing, and not in the cold (especially where the sun does not shine in the sun, commonly known as "dead and cool"). Second, the site should be dry, slightly elevated and flat, not in wet and low-lying areas; be cleaned in time after snow to prevent soaking of the outer packaging or seepage into the box. Third, the environment is quiet. Do not overwinter in areas where humans and animals are close to each other, and avoid places where there is severe vibration (such as blasting rocks and blasting stones). Don't move the beehive after the bee is clustered. Fourth, the site should be clean and sanitary. Do not place it where there is pollution and rubbish, especially where pesticides and chemical fertilizers have been placed. Fifth, to isolate sources of fire, there must be equipment for firefighting. Do not set up apiaries in places where the fire is relatively close. Also, do not bring fires into the apiary, and do not set off firecrackers and bamboos near the beehive and apiary. Sixth, we must regularly inspect the bee farms, and check the situation in time. We must listen to the sound inside the beehive from the nest door, analyze and judge the internal conditions of the bee colony, and do not easily expose the bees.

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