Bullfrog catching four defenses in winter

Bullfrog hibernation generally begins in November and ends in March of the following year. It lasts 5 months. In order to ensure the bullfrog's hibernation, it is necessary to do a good job of "four defenses." First, prevent freezing damage. There are two ways in which the bullfrog hibernates, both underwater and in the ground. During hibernation, apply a branch or straw to the cold shelter and control the water level to prevent sudden changes in the weather. The temperature of the pool water drops and the frozen bullfrog is frozen. 2. Before winter, bullfrogs should feed enough food to make them full, long and strong, and the body can accumulate enough nutrients to maintain the metabolic consumption during hibernation. At the same time, in the sunny midday at a water temperature of 10°C or above, feed some concentrated feeds, such as small fish, shrimp, and oysters. Third, against predators. The main enemy of bullfrogs are otters, rodents, and ants. They must be cleared or killed in time. Especially rats should be completely eliminated. Fourth, prevent pollution. The wintering pond water quality requires a PH value of 5-9. Too high or too low will result in the death of the bullfrog. Therefore, precautions must be taken to prevent water pollution. The oxygen consumption that affects water quality, the pollution of pesticides, fertilizers, and domestic water, and the deterioration of the remaining foods should all be prevented. China Agricultural Network Editor

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