The efficient three-dimensional planting mode of garlic, cucumber and summer corn

Planting forms. 215 centimeters are made in one area, 50 centimeters wide and 165 centimeters wide. Before the National Day, grow 9 lines of garlic on the low surface, and after watering, cut into 2 layers of 90 cm mulch to cover the soil. At the beginning of the second year of April, two rows of cucumbers were planted on the surface of Gaochun, and the film was covered with a small arched arch. After the garlic was harvested, three rows of corn were planted on the low surface. Garlic varieties use Russian hybrid garlic, Cangshan Po garlic, or local high-yield varieties. When harvesting, select garlic seeds of about 50 grams per head. Sowing and picking the garlic is not neatly done. When planting, use a 33-centimeter three-legged pod to open the ditch with 16.5 cm spacing, 6 cm deep ditch, 10 cm spacing, and 300,000 plants per hectare of natural area. After the film has been planted and the garlic has been planted, pour the flour into a flat surface. After rinsing with water, use a manual or automatic laminating machine to cut the film into the soil and cover it. Covering the film is best to use weeding film, such as no weeding film, need to be sprayed on the ground evenly before the film is covered with weeds and other enclosed herbicides. After the emergence of garlic, it is necessary to use a spatula to sweep 2 or 3 times to help the garlic sprout unearthed. Individuals who cannot pierce through the membranes need to manually help pierce the membrane. In the spring, after the garlic is turned green, it is watered in time and topped with water. In order to promote the growth of garlic sprouts in late April, it takes 7 days to pour water and topdressing. Fertilizer can be applied with 150 kg of urea per hectare or foliar spray of 0.5% urea + 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate. In order to prevent mantle damage, it is necessary to flush 50% phoxim emulsion with water and use about 15 kilograms per hectare. When picking up the top of the garlic pod after it is bent, it should be harvested in the sunny afternoon. After harvesting garlic, it was topped again and garlic was harvested in late May. The natural area harvested 4,500 to 5,250 kilograms of garlic sprouts per hectare and about 13,500 kilograms of garlic. Variety of cucumber varieties selected Jin research series, Xintai Mito and so on. The nursery was planted in Yangshuo in late February. In early April, it was planted on the surface of a sorghum plant with a spacing of 40 centimeters and a spacing of 33 centimeters. About 25,500 plants were planted per hectare. When planting, in order to prevent the underground pests, the trichlorfon can be used to spray the water to formulate the soil and spread it to the planting hole. Before planting, the mulch was covered with mulch, and after the planting, an arch was inserted on the surface to cover the ground. Managing the seedling period does not release the air, after the weather with warming, pay attention to air release, prevent high temperature roasted seedlings, scaffolding period generally do not need another top dressing watering, and then give garlic top dressing watering, basically "a fat dual-use." Remove the film in early May. When the melons come out of the tendrils, they must be trussed. The use of a herringbone is generally used. If cucumbers are grown because they are topped with water, they need to be sprayed with booster, cucumber extract, or long time for control. When the root melon expands, the top dressing starts to water. Pay attention to prevent cucumber downy mildew and keratopathies, can be used to kill 2000 square fungicides 1000 to 1200 times liquid spray. However, attention should be paid to alternate spraying, and one drug should not be used in conjunction. Maize varieties are generally selected from medium-mature and high-yield varieties with high yield per plant, such as Danyu 13, Ludan 50 and Nongda 108. After planting the garlic in the middle and late May, it will be grounded in time. Apply 60,000 to 75,000 kilograms of high-quality farmyard fertilizer per hectare, 1,500 kilograms of superphosphate, 750 kilograms of potassium sulfate, 30 kilograms of zinc sulfate, 750 kilograms of ammonium bicarbonate, deep-turn 30 centimeters, and plant the seeds in the pot. 3 rows of corn, spacing 50 cm, spacing 15 cm, about 60,000 seedlings per hectare, corn about 32 cm from the cucumber. After the management, on-demand, flat and practical cave nests were fried at 300 kg per hectare and then allowed to dry at room temperature. 500 g of phoxim was sprinkled on the surface of corn stubbles to prevent infestation of corn seedlings by underground pests. In the jointing period, 150 kg per hectare, in the large mouth period of 450 kg per hectare twice topdressing urea, can be applied to the ditch or cave method, applied to the soil surface 20 to 30 cm. In the big mouth period, 812 was mixed in the heart of the leaf to prevent corn borer, and it was harvested at the late stage of grouting to put fresh corn on the market.

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