How to effectively stop the escape of bees

The factors leading to the escape of bees during the breeding process are as follows: First, the natural bee colony flees and flees to his new home; the second is the lack of flour and broken honey, the bees are threatened by hunger; the third is the impact of natural enemies such as worms and wasps. The bees survive; the fourth is the bee farm is stimulated by smoke, odor and other stimuli; Fifth, the beehive is placed under the high voltage line, and the bees are disturbed by the electromagnetic field to identify the direction of returning to the nest. The sixth is that the bee colony is forced to flee due to the robbers' harassment. Seventh, the population of bees is too weak to form a strong group. Eighth, there is a vibration source around the bee site, or the beehive is exposed to the sun and cold winds. In order to avoid the escape of bees, the necessary precautions should be taken for the above reasons. One is to improve feeding and management and eliminate the internal cause of escape. For example, in the bee season, the bees can be divided in time to prevent natural bees; the honey bee can be placed in a place with sufficient honey source to prevent lack of powder and break honey; timely extinguish the worms, wasps, etc., to prevent and treat the bees; Smoke, odor, vibration and other irritations; do not put the beehive under high-tension line, under hot sun or in the cold wind; pay attention to the weak bee colony, and change old spleen frequently, create more new spleen, keep the spleen and match well. Increase the group potential and reduce the weak children; regularly clean the beehive, keep it clean and hygienic and prevent the bottom of the tank from accumulating dirt. In short, it is necessary to strengthen the management of bees to improve their nesting and reduce the possibility of escape from the bees. 2. Observe the colonies frequently to discover signs of escape from colonies. There are many signs of escape from the bee, as long as careful observation is not difficult to find, such as worker bees significantly reduced attendance, guards, fans almost stopped; worker bees in the box turmoil, storage capacity significantly reduced; bees spawning reduction or stop, and abdominal contraction Wangtai covers, the larvae dry up; the bottom of the tank is thickened, the spleen is old and black, and it is bitten and devastated; the worms grow in large numbers, interweave in vertical and horizontal directions, and produce silkworms. If the above signs are found, we must immediately lower the nest door, lower the nest door panel to 4 to 4.3 centimeters from the landing plate, allowing only the worker bees to pass in and out so that the queen can't pass and cut off the wings of the queen bee (but before the wings Most of the edge of the vein is left) so that it cannot fly. In this way, even if the worker bees flee, the bee-keeper will generally return naturally because the queen can't move with him. China Agricultural Network Editor

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