Non-nuclear production technology

This is a unique rare fruit in southern China. It matures in the late spring and early summer. It is the season in which the most fresh fruit is lacking. In recent years, cesium production has developed rapidly in our province, Fujian and Zhejiang. Due to the lack of multi-nuclear and edible parts of the capsule, which affects the value of its commodities to a certain extent, the development of nuclear-free technology has become a technical problem that is urgently needed to be solved. Research has been conducted on this issue at home and abroad for more than a decade. And initially achieved success. The main technologies are briefly introduced for reference by producers. First, nurture a strong tree and keep fruit reasonably. Robust plants are the basis for high yields and yields. Therefore, fertilizers must be applied and pruned properly to promote the results. Each year should be reasonable fruiting, so that the vegetative growth and the relative balance between life and death to avoid excessive planting due to excessive fruit loss caused by the tree vigor, affecting fruit weight and quality. Second, spray gibberellic acid to treat flower spikes. Spikelets were sprayed with gibberellin to induce seedless fruits. According to research reports, the ratio of non-nucleate fruit to gibberellic acid treatment concentration is relatively small, but it is closely related to processing time. For unflowered buds treated with gibberellic acid, more than 95% of the non-nucleation rate was obtained; at flowering stage, the non-nucleated rate was about 70%; after flowering, the non-nucleation rate was about 40%. It can be seen that the budding period of the processing time of the seedless fruit induced by gibberellin is suitable, and the concentration can be 250 ppm-1000 ppm. Producers should select appropriate treatment concentrations after a small area test. Use gibberellin + benzyl purine to promote fruit enlargement. Due to the fruit development, certain hormones must be provided by the seeds. Therefore, after treatment with gibberellin to form non-nuclear fruit, the hormones synthesized by the seeds are lacking in the fruit, resulting in the fruit becoming smaller and the commercial fruits cannot be formed. The use of exogenous plant growth regulators to supplement the deficiency of endogenous hormones is a simple solution. After applying gibberellin to form parthenocarpy and increase fruit setting rate, the use of benzyl purine and indole acetic acid can make the fruit develop normally and its fruit shape is not changed. The general practice is to spray gibberellin, benzyl purine and indole acetic acid after flowering. The use of the general GA3300ppm, 6-BA100ppm, FAA100ppm; or GA3300ppm, 6-BA300ppm, IAA20ppm, the effect is better. Fourth, the production should pay attention to the problem. 1, due to inconsistent flowering time, so after the above treatment can not produce 100% of the non-nuclear fruit; 2, non-nuclear fruit in the conversion period is easy to fall off, gibberellic acid can be used to improve the seed setting rate; 3, reasonable sparse fruit, reduce nutrients Consumption, there is a promotion of non-nutrient fruit expansion; 4, large area production of non-nuclear fruit, should be a small area of ​​the test, access to experience before further application. China Agricultural Network Editor

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