High-yield Cultivation of Muskmelon in Greenhouse

First, the appropriate season sow autumn and winter selection of honey world, winter and spring selection of champion, new century, Elizabeth and other melon varieties. Autumn and winter pods are planted from late July to early August. Winter pods are planted in late October and early spring pods are planted from early December to early January. Second, the seedling method Seed first soaked in warm water 30 °C for 3 to 4 hours, and then maintain the temperature of 25 ~ 30 °C germination, after 24 to 36 hours, until the seed germination after sowing. After sowing, the bed temperature before emergence is about 30°C during the day and 16~18°C at night; the bed temperature after emergence is 25°C during the day and 13~15°C at night; after the melon seedlings are broken, the bed temperature is 25~30°C during the day and 15-18 at night. °C. III. Fertilization and soil preparation Mushi 5 〖KG*6〗000 kilograms of soil miscellaneous fertilizer, 40 kilograms of field libao, and 75 kilograms of superphosphate as base fertilizer. After fertilizing, plunge the soil, level the ground, and then ridging, ridge width 40. ~ 50 cm, height 20 ~ 25 cm. Fourth, the colonization density of seedling age 30 to 35 days, when the seedlings clover colonization in the greenhouse. The ridge colonization, single vine pruning, row spacing 80 cm, plant spacing 40 cm, 2000 mus planted; double vine pruning, row spacing 100 cm, plant spacing 40 cm, mus planting 1500 strains. V. Management measures (1) Temperature control. Enclosed greenhouse insulation after planting; after easing, the greenhouse temperature does not exceed 35°C, and the greenhouse temperature is below 25°C. The temperature is lower than 20°C and covered with straw to ensure that the night temperature is not lower than 15°C. (2) hanging vines. When the quail is 30 to 40 centimeters tall, it hangs the vine. (3) Hanging melons. Until the melon grows to a weight of only about 250 grams, use a plastic net bag with melon on the rack. (4) fertilizer and water operations. Generally need to plant water, promote vines, water 3 times. After finishing melon dressing 1, Mushi compound fertilizer 25 kg, cake fat 50 ~ 80 kg. China Agricultural Network Editor

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