Hybrid Rice Soaking Seed Priming Five Methods

Since the application of hybrid rice seeds for many years, some people still can't master the soaking and germination methods correctly, resulting in reduced germination rate and even scrapped seeds, which not only causes economic losses but also affects production. Here are the following points for attention: 1. Before drying seed soaking, select good weather to spread rice seeds for 1 to 2 days, promote the respiration of seeds and the activity of enzymes, which will help to increase the seed germination rate and germination potential; Can also kill some of the bacteria attached to the rice husk, especially indica rice must be sterilized. 2. Selection of hybrid rice varieties During the seed production process, due to out-crossing and fruiting, the hull opening was affected by high temperature and other climatic conditions after the meal was opened. Some seeds were incompletely closed and the grain development was not full. Before soaking, the water should be floated and floated. Note that although this part of the grain is not full, but has embryonic tissue, as long as it is handled well, the party can still germinate into seedlings, so it cannot be discarded so as to avoid unnecessary losses. 3. Pharmaceutical soaking According to the practice in recent years, the use of “soaking seed” soaking seeds can not only achieve the sterilization effect, but also eliminate the diseases such as bacillus diseases, without affecting the germination rate. In the soaking process, the mixture is properly mixed 1 or 2 times so that the seed and the liquid can be fully contacted. After the seed soaking, no panning is required and the bud can be directly destroyed. 4. It is advisable to strictly control the soaking time of the hybrid japonica rice soaking time of 8-12 hours. If the soaking time is too short, the embryonic cells do not suck enough water to germinate normally (commonly known as “darkness”); if the soaking time is too long, it will cause “rootless buds”. In addition, because of the fast absorption of water, the total amount of water needed is less, and the soaking time can be controlled at about 6 hours. 5. Appropriate temperature suitable method for germination. Immerse the seeds that have been soaked into the air-permeable gauze bag for germination. For ease of handling and budding, each bag should not exceed 10 kg. Need to break the chest 35 ~ 40 °C high temperature, generally to take warm soup soaking, covering the straw and other measures warming insulation. After 12 hours, check the situation of broken chest and pay attention to prevent high-temperature burning. After the seed breaks the chest, the temperature is maintained at 25-30°C for long shoots. Take natural drying during the day and cover a little straw at night. Seed respiration is strong at this stage. When the "buds are long and half grainy, and the roots are long and one grainy," the rice buds will be diluted and diluted for the purpose of planting. During the whole germination process, when rice husks are whitish, they are sprayed with a small amount of warm water. Generally, they are not easily watered, and the water content is too much. China Agricultural Network Editor

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