Bee spring has a new method

The adoption of the bee spring propagation method has the advantages of rapid development of the group potential and strong ability to withstand adverse environmental conditions. The specific method is as follows:

When the bee is in full bloom, put every two beehives side by side. In the windless evening, give each group of bees with sugar water (with a ratio of sugar to water of 11) or add 250 to 300 ml of honey. Two hours later, when the bees are excited and agglomerated, and the temperature in the box rises, the bees can be shaken and the spleen squeezed. Select one spleen in the hive to promote rapid spawning. The average queen bees lay eggs 1 to 3 days after tightening the spleen.

The sealing and heat preservation shall place one spleen after the tight spleen on the center of the beehive, one partition on the side of the spleen close to the adjacent box, and one partition on the other side, and then put the heat preservation material outside the plate. On cloudy or rainy evenings, cover all beehives with plastic cloth, but do not block the nest door. In the evening, depending on the temperature, the nest door can be closed.

After assisted feeding to tighten the spleen, assisted feeding was performed from the bottom of the box every night. Put sugar water or honey water into the bottom feeder. The first feeding of each group can be fed 350 to 400 milliliters, depending on the number of bees and the size of the oviposition ring, it is advisable to have a small amount of angular honey on the spleen.

Adding the powdered spleen in the early spring, the natural pollen is less, when most of the queen bees begin to spawn, add the artificial pollen spleen (if there is a natural pollen spleen is better). The first spleen should be a room with voids on one side and a pollen room on the other. A group with a large number of bees will have a pink side facing inwards; a group with an average number of bees will face one side of the nest room inward. When the queen bees lay eggs in the empty nest of the artificial spleen spleen and the first powdered spleen is eaten by 1/2, the second and third sheets are added next to the first one.

The preparation method of artificial spleen spleen is as follows: soy beans are fried and matured eight, peeled and ground into powder, soy flour and honey are mixed into a wet powder according to the ratio of 32, and the wet powder is passed through a sieve with a pore size of 3 mm. Natural pollen. Then add 1/2 honey weight of sucrose powder. Mix it again and pour it into the empty nest room. Gently wipe it with a brush and use 80% full of pollen in the nest room. Finally, apply a small amount of honey water (Beauty 30 degrees) in the powder room to serve as artificial pollen spleen.

 Hotan Red date

Benefiting from Danghe River alluvial fan areas, deep layer, fertile soil and strong permeability, Jun Jujube orchards, located at 40° N, is considered as the world's best growing areas for jujube. The farm located in the northwest of China belongs to the typical inland temperate desert climate. Its annual precipitation is 36.9mm and the evaporation is 2486mm. The effective accumulated temperature is 3611 ℃ and the year's total duration of bright sunshine is 3246.7 hours. The large temperature difference between day and night is very conducive to dry material accumulation. Irrigation water from the Qilian Mountains is pure and clean.


Characteristics of Hotan Red date

1.Rich in minerals& vitamin 
2.Thin skin, small kernel & thick- flesh 
Natural air dried, uniform size with thick natural jujube flavor.

4,Higher sugar with good smell and flavor.

5.Cleaning with purified water without any additives, UV sterilizatio. Safty red dates.

Hotan Red date usage:

Tea, Medicines, Healthcare products, Pharmaceutical raw material, extract raw material, cosmetic products


Hotan Red dated summary

1. Processing:   Natural air dried 

2. Origin: In Akesu Town, Xinjiang Province, China

3. Material: the best Chinese dates

4. Packing: 500g,  customer`s request is available.

5. Features: Ready to eat, rich in vitamins and fibres

6. Storage condition: normal room temperature and prevent moisture.

Red Dates

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