Chicken manure fermentation before and after comparison

Chicken manure before and after fermentation Fermented chicken manure Because feces and urine are contaminated, compared with other livestock manures (such as cow dung), nitrogen, phosphoric acid, calcium and other fertilizer components are more, and the fertilizer used to supply soil components is more effective than other livestock manure. However, when raw chicken manure containing a large amount of nitrogen is directly applied to the soil, the organic matter in the chicken manure rapidly decomposes in the soil and generates a large amount of ammonia, damaging the roots of the plant.
The chicken manure after fermenting with the jinbao starter is different. In the fermentation process, nitrogen is partially decomposed into ammonia gas and discharged, and the rest is oxidized into a fertilizer component that nitric acid and nitrous acid have been absorbed and utilized by plants. There will be no harm caused by ammonia when it is applied to the field again. Details can visit the website or consult.

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