Greenhouse peach tree nursery

Traditionally planted peach trees, at least three years to reach the result period. Peach trees in the greenhouse have broken this rule. When they were planted in the year, they could produce fruit in the following year and could achieve higher yields. The key to achieving this result is the use of small arch shelters in early spring to extend the growth period of peach trees so that more fruiting branches grow in the year to form an ideal crown. The specific operating techniques of greenhouse peach tree small arch nursery are as follows:

1. Advance seedlings. In late Eastern Yunnan, the seedlings will be raised from late February to early March. The earliest days cannot be later than the beginning of March. Otherwise, the ideal canopy will not be formed and the purpose of high yield will not be achieved.

2. Build a seedbed. Choose a leeward sunny place to build seedbeds, east-west direction, 250 cm wide from north to south, and the length of things depends on the number of nurseries.

3. Choose buds. Sprouts are shoots sprouted on peach seedlings in late summer and early autumn last year. They are also called semi-finished seedlings. Sprouts require stems to be thicker than 0.8 cm, with more than 5 lateral roots evenly distributed around, with full shoots, good wound healing, and no pests or diseases.

4. Do a good job of cutting an axe, wiping buds, and repairing roots. At 1.5 to 2 cm above the bud, cut the trunk and take care not to cut the rootstock. Peach buds on rootstock are all wiped out or cut with a knife. The main root stays 20 centimeters long, the lateral roots stay 8 centimeters long, and the long parts are cut off. Cuts of all lateral roots are cut into horseshoe shapes so that the cuts are parallel to the ground. After cutting the roots, soak in clean water for 12 to 24 hours, and then absorb enough water.

5. Dipping agent. With strong rooting agent 1000 times, can also be used Guoguang naphthalene acetate 800 times the liquid, soak the roots of peach seedlings, remove after 5 minutes, into the nutrition bag. Immersion of roots can promote the formation of new roots, which is conducive to survival and robust growth of young trees.

6. Bagging shed. For the nutrition bag, choose a plastic bag 30 cm high, 20 cm in diameter and 0.008 cm thick. The bag is first filled with 10 cm thick nutritious soil (the formula of nutritious soil is: 3 pieces of fully decomposed circumfertility, 7 pieces of fertile Daejeon soil not planted with peach trees in recent years and no paclobutrazol in the previous year, each nutrient soil Add 2 kg of ternary compound fertilizer and mix evenly. Put peach seedlings into the bag and fill it with nutrient soil. Pay attention to correcting the seedlings and putting the soil into reality. The bottom of the bag is to be pierced with several small holes to facilitate ventilation and water penetration. Afterwards, put the bag in the seedbed and place it tightly, placing 25 bags per square meter. A 20 cm sidewalk is left in the middle of the seedbed. After placing the nutrition bag on the seedbed, immediately water it so that 2 cm of nutrient bag is suitable. After the water infiltration, a small arch shed was built and the grass was covered with cold at night.

7. Strengthen management. The daytime air temperature is controlled between 25°C and 28°C and nighttime between 5°C and 8°C. Be careful to wipe off fresh tulip buds at any time. Spray imidacloprid prevention and treatment of peach aphid, spray carbendazim to prevent leaf aphid. In mid-May, when the seedling height is 60 to 70 centimeters, it can be planted in the field where greenhouses are to be built. In the future, fertilizer and water management will be strengthened. By the middle or late July, 30 to 40 fruit trees will be grown. By the end of August, 600 to 800 flower buds will be differentiated.

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