Greenhouse pumpkin wilt disease prevention and cure method 4

The incidence of pumpkin wilt has the following characteristics: First, the concentration occurs in the initial stage of colonization, that is, after the period of time from the time of planting to condolence, it basically does not occur afterwards; second, it has obvious soil-transmission characteristics, and the location of the onset last year was onset this year. Heavy, and the scope has been expanded; Third, once the disease, it is difficult to cure.
Based on the above characteristics, we summarized the following methods for prevention and control and achieved certain results in this year's production. The specific method is:
First, raise the seedlings, reduce the root cause. It can fundamentally reduce the chance of pathogenic infection, and timely spraying Pulk or badewin plus love overtime after planting to prevent diseases.
Second, the greenhouse season, deep shed soil, drying, reducing the number of harmful bacteria in the soil. Combining the application of organic fertilizers, straw reactors and other agricultural operations can effectively inhibit the occurrence of various soil-borne diseases, and can also activate the soil, increase the amount of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, improve fruit quality, and increase yield.
Third, the use of anti-bacterial agents. In the past two years, we have promoted the production of PV fungi, Kang and other experts in the production of bacterial fertilizers, which are based on the proliferation of beneficial bacteria to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and have good preventive and therapeutic effects on various diseases, especially soil-borne diseases. . This year we used it for the first time in the control of pumpkin wilt disease. The effect is very obvious.
Fourth, increase the amount of air flow, and appropriately reduce the temperature and humidity in the shed. As the greenhouse cucumber seedlings in advance, the higher temperature after planting, the greater humidity, aggravated the occurrence of the disease; increase the amount of air release can reduce the temperature and humidity, inhibit the spread of disease spread.

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