How to use algae fertilizer for vegetables

The use of seaweed for growing vegetable root vegetables refers to the root vegetables, such as artichokes, radishes, and cabbage, which are formed after a long growing period and the formation of vegetative organs (leaves and stems), and their roots, tubers or leaf balls. Whole plant for consumption. Since this type of vegetables enters a period of prosperous product development, the growth of the leaves will gradually stop. Therefore, the fertilization method should be weighed together with the base fertilizer and the early top dressing, be mixed with a small amount of available nitrogen and potassium fertilizers, and should be quickly applied early after the seedling stage or planting. top dressing.
However, if a large amount of fertilizer is used for a long time, the soil will be hardened, barren or even contaminated, which will be detrimental to the growth of vegetables. High-quality seaweed bio-fertilizers, such as Gymnosporosis algae microbial fertilizers, have high-efficiency microbial nitrogen fixation, phosphate-solubilization, potassium-release, and soil-activation abilities. They are full-fledged, non-toxic, and non-polluting. It can be widely used in various root vegetables. Use method:
Chong Shi: The goldfish algae microbial fertilizer diluted 1:200 with water and diluted with water, the amount of 0.5 liters mu.
Spraying: Top dressing by foliar spraying during crop growth. After spraying, it should prevent sun exposure and sterilizer contamination.
Mixed Application: The golden babe seaweed microbial fertilizer can be mixed with other fertilizers (organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer), which can significantly increase the utilization of other fertilizers, save time and labor, and save costs. Details can visit the website or consult.

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