Processing and Storage Technology of Rabbit's Main Products

First, rabbit meat rabbit meat has nourishing, health care, beauty and promote the role of children's growth. Rabbit meat has "three high" and "three low" nutritional characteristics. "Three highs" refers to high protein, high lysine, and high digestibility. The lysine content in rabbit meat is significantly higher than in other meats; "three lows" refers to low fat, low cholesterol, and low pollution. Rabbit meat is particularly suitable for the elderly and patients with arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease, long-term consumption can be healthy and longevity; maternal consumption of rabbit meat can make physical recovery as soon as possible; women can maintain long-term consumption of slender body; rabbit lysine content is high, can be significantly Promote children's growth and development. Rabbit meat processing can be divided into frozen rabbit processing and rabbit meat processing.

(A) Frozen rabbit processing technology. At present, rabbit meat produced in China is mainly processed into frozen rabbit meat. The processing of frozen rabbit meat requires certain equipment and strict operating procedures. It is not easy to do under normal conditions. The processing procedure of frozen rabbit meat is roughly as follows: live rabbit hygiene inspection→feeding observations→delivering slaughters and electric hemp cutting→upside down bloodletting→shower peeling→amputation and cutting tail→sparing abdominals and viscera→sanitary inspection→rinsing→clearing and removing carcasses→carcasses Inspection → trimming (or segmentation) → quality inspection → grading storage → pre-cooling → packing → storage, quick-freezing and refrigerating.

(b) Rabbit meat food processing. There are many methods for rabbit meat processing. After cooking, frying, simmering, frying, and smoking, hundreds of delicious rabbit meat dishes can be processed. Rabbit meat products can be roughly divided into six categories, namely, cooking, canned products, sauce brine products, irrigation products, dried products, cured products.

Second, rabbit hair rabbit hair is a high-grade raw wool, rabbit wool fabric with light, soft, warm, beautiful features. According to the type of fiber, rabbit hair can be divided into coarse hair, fine hair, and two rabbits.? Zheng? Rendering school called rabbit?

(A) The collection of rabbit hair. There are two kinds of collection methods, namely pulling and shearing. There are two kinds of pull hair: stretch short and pull light. The method of lengthening and shortening helps to improve the quality of rabbit hair and is beneficial to the freezing and cold protection of rabbits. The most suitable for the spring and autumn moulting season, generally 30 to 40 days to pull once. Pulling light is usually about 80 days after the 2-month-old rabbit cuts off the lint, and removes all of its hair from the head, tail, and extremities. Handle it gently with a small amount of hand, and do not pull it hard to avoid damaging the skin. The shearing method for collecting rabbit hair is commonly used in rabbit hair production. The procedure is to cut the back first, then cut the side, and then cut the hair of the head, limbs and abdomen.

(B) the classification of rabbit hair. The classification of rabbit hair is based on the requirements of “long, loose, white, and clean”. “Long” means that the hair length reaches the acquisition grade standard; “loose” means that hairy pine does not agglomerate; “white” means that the color is white; “net "There is no impurity.

(c) Storage of rabbit hair. rabbit

The binding force and hygroscopicity of wool are very strong and are easily affected by physical and chemical factors. Improper storage can cause agglomeration, yellowing and brittleness, and it can also be affected by insects. If rabbit hair is not sold for a short time, it can be stored for a short period of time by selecting a well-dried container with a thin layer of dry lime on top and then covering it with paper. Place a skull bag (with 3 to 4 mothballs) in the four corners and in the center of the container, then place the rabbit hairs in layers, each layer is about 20 cm thick, put a layer evenly on each layer, and put evenly on each one. Head until full, cover kept. Check the sunny days at regular intervals (not more than one month). If it is found that the rabbit hair is wet, the rabbit hair should be sunned for 1 to 2 hours and then moved to a dry and ventilated place to dry; if there is no change in the rabbit hair, only the top cover can be opened for 2 to 3 hours.

Third, rabbit skin Rabbit skin can be made of wolfberry, leather, leather products made of rabbit skin, especially the best-selling international market. Fresh skin peeled off by rabbits was previously called raw hides without being tanned. The raw hides contain a lot of water, protein and fat, which are easily decomposed by bacteria and become spoilage, and need to be cleaned and preserved in time.

(a) clean up. After the skin is peeled off, the tendons, mammary glands, and external genitalia are cut off. The inner skin of the skin is stained with fatty deposits and connective tissue. After cooling, use a knife to scrape from the buttocks to the direction of the head. Do not reverse the scraping so as not to expose the hair roots. , make the fur "perforation" defects.

(b) Anti-corrosion. Anti-corrosion methods are mostly dry. After scraping off the fat and fresh skin, use dry sawdust, talcum powder, rags, etc., to rub the inner skin of the skin until the fat deposits are completely wiped off, then shake off the sawdust and talcum powder, and then put the hairs in the skin towards the inside. The skin plate is mounted on a specially made support and hangs in a dry and ventilated place. It should not be exposed to rain, heat and fire.

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