Wheat remedies for freezing injury

Seriously observing the wheat seedlings that have suffered freezing in the field, we can find that on a single wheat stem, the single stems that are frozen to death are mostly the main stem and the big shoots, while the small ones are still green and there are small ones just emerging at the base of the big shoots. Childbirth buds. After strengthening the management of fertilizer and water, these small tillers and axillary buds can grow and develop into effective tillers. Therefore, wheat fields that have suffered from frost damage should not easily destroy wheat and change other crops. Remedial measures should be taken promptly.

First, after the return of wheat to green (from the beginning of the period until the jointing stage), the use of Horen wheat special regulator - Horumen giant gold plus 8.2% of Horiuen, spray on the wheat leaf, can promote wheat rooting, Strong seedlings, improve the stress resistance of wheat, reduce the harm of freezing damage.

Second, timely topdressing nitrogen fertilizers to promote the rapid growth of small tillers. For the wheat stems that have been frozen in the main stem of the wheat and the large shoots of the Oita, it is necessary to top-dress two times. After the first thawing in the field, topdressing available nitrogen fertilizer, applying 10 kg of urea per acre, requiring the application of ditching to increase fertilizer efficiency; lack of wheat and wheat fields for water application; phosphorus has the effect of promoting tillering and root growth, phosphorus deficiency The land can be mixed with urea and diammonium phosphate. The second time in the jointing stage of wheat, combined with water-saving fertilizer application, 10 kg urea per acre. Generally frozen wheat fields, only the leaves freeze, there is no dead phenomenon, early spring should be scratching early, increase the temperature, promote the green turn seedlings, in the beginning of the top dressing watering, increase tiller rate.

Third, we should pay attention to drain ditch. For frozen wheat, it is necessary to pay attention to the conservation of the root system and enhance its ability to absorb nutrients, so as to ensure the recovery of the leaves and the occurrence of new tillers, and the nutrients needed for their emergence. Therefore, it is necessary to make clear rows of frozen wheat fields. Stain work.

Fourth, strengthen the management of fertilizer and water in the middle and later stages to prevent premature aging. Because frozen wheat fields consume more nutrients from the plant body and are prone to premature senescence in the later period, based on the growth and development status of the wheat seedlings in the spring, according to their needs, they should be sprayed at the jointing stage or flag-shooting period. In order to enhance the photosynthesis of wheat and resist dry hot wind, it promotes large spikes and large grains.

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