Benefit analysis of raising improved cattle:

Benefit analysis of raising improved cattle:
If you purchase Luxi cattle or crossbred beef cattle, estrus should be started 10 months during the estrus period and 10 animals should be born 10 months after breeding. If you purchase Luxi cattle or hybrid beef cattle from May to June, the price is between 1000 and 1300. Yuan, a cow, elderly weighing 400-500 kilograms, according to experts from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture forecast, in the last 3-5 years the price will not be less than 2800 yuan, then the net profit is also more than 1,500 yuan!
Talking about the management and benefit analysis of beef cattle The management and benefit analysis of beef cattle One: During the young cattle period, each cow needs 5-8 kg of corn stems every day, and a small amount of vinasse or some other weeds can be used. Need fine material 3--5 kg, including 60% corn flour, wheat bran 30% (bean cake or cottonseed cake, rapeseed cake) optional 10%. 30 cows need a salty diet every day, and the cowhouse is sterilized once a week for regular prevention. After the cow enters the circle, the insects are started one week apart. The first time and the second time are separated by four days. The insect repellent can be used twice to clear.
Fattening period: Each day, each cow needs grass 8--12 pounds, fine material 5--8 pounds, post-dressing requires 12--15 pounds of grass every day, fine material 8-10 pounds, and 30% of green grass.
II: A beef cattle calf with a weight of about 300 pounds is required to invest 900--1200 yuan. The average monthly cost is about 300 pounds of grass, which is about 30 yuan in cash. The fine material is about 240 pounds per month, which is about 150 yuan in cash. For example, cattle have a variety of disease prevention and salt, calculated at 30 yuan per month. Feeding 200 cows requires 2 breeders, preparing fodder and managing 2 people. Per capita wages are calculated at 600 yuan per month, and total wages for the half-year period are raised to 14,400 yuan. The combined wage for each cow is only 80 yuan. For example, if you grow an average of 120 jins per month, you can grow 720 jins in half a year. Together with the original 300 jins, you can achieve a total of 1,000 jins or more. It can be calculated that the cost of raising each cow is as follows (1): Each cow needs to invest about 1,200 yuan (2): transportation, quarantine and other expenses are estimated to be around 100 yuan (3): the wage for raising and management is about 100 yuan ( 4): Grass plus fine material totals around RMB 1100 (V): Disease Prevention and Salt RMB 200 (Six): Total cost per head to slaughter between 2700 and -2900 III: After raising six months plus buying cattle Calculating the weight of 1,000 pounds, each cow can be sold for about 7,000 yuan, and the net profit of 2700-2900 yuan for each cow is about 2000-2600 yuan, which is also not good under poor management. Less than 2,000 yuan for feeding for six months.

Vertical Tmr Feeding Mixer

1.Introduced the Italian original parts and assembly line to produce our LEO Series TMR Feed Mixer equipment

2. There are vertical fixed type, vertical traction type, horizontal fixed type, horizontal traction type, vertical self-propelled type and so on.

The capacity from 5 cubic meters to24 cubic volume.

Thicken high wear resistant manganese box
The material thickness of feed mixer main body is above 8mm, bottom  is above 15mm.
 Ensure the life of the machine is 1.5 times than others.
Mixing tank is made by a high-quality16Mn alloy steel plate , better wear resistant and longer life. The special angel tilt design of mixing tank sidewall can resolve the pressure from materials to sidewall also can greatly improve the anti-wear of mixing tank .

We totally take the advantages of foreign feed mixers, simple operation, easy maintenance and practical. The lubricant refueling points is located in the outside.

TMR feeding mixer

TMR feeding mixer

Vertical TMR Feeding Mixer

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