Eight taboos for farm sheep

A bogey plan saves a lot of sheep farms to save trouble, the straw is thrown directly into the sheep's collar to allow sheep to eat, without sickle cut, do not add concentrate feed or mineral additives. This is not only a waste of feed, but also not conducive to the growth and development of sheep.

Second bogey pay attention to the epidemic prevention A considerable part of Yangyang households believe that sheep are not easy to get sick, do not need to prevent immunization, to the deworming of sheep is to spend money. As everyone knows, infectious diseases and parasitic diseases are very harmful to the sheep industry. Once it happens, it will cause heavy losses.

Three bogey and close relatives in the breeding of sheep, many people figure convenient, do not pay attention to the selection of rams, casual breeding, resulting in inbreeding, leading to species degradation.

Four bogey hens and ewes feeding rams in the same group to achieve sexual maturity must be reared with ewes in groups. Raising males and females in the same group not only affects the breeding performance of male rams, but also results in inbreeding.

Five bogey lambs wean prematurely weaning prematurely, not only affecting the lamb's growth and development, but also because of the lamb's poor physical fitness, low disease resistance and lead to death.

Six bogey overfeeding concentrate feed Some sheep keepers in order to grow fast, blindly feed the sheep with concentrate feed, not only did not achieve the purpose of rapid growth and fattening, but also caused the swelling of the sheep rumen. Although fine feed is good, it is only effective if it is properly fed.

Seven bogey to avoid sudden changes in some of the feed Yangyang households feeding no plan, one feed after the sudden replacement of another feed, resulting in sheep stomach upset, seriously affecting the performance and feeding efficiency. Change the feed gradually and gradually allow the sheep to adapt to prevent stress.

Eight bogey pens are not strictly sterilized. The sheep pen is wet and poorly ventilated. Irregularly sterilized. Sheep are susceptible to fleas, ticks, and foot rot, and it is easy to induce infectious diseases. Once infectious disease occurs, it is more difficult to control it. Therefore, it should be strictly sterilized regularly.

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