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Huanghuai River Basin is the main producing area of ​​summer corn in China. Although the price of corn has fallen, it is unlikely to significantly reduce the corn area in the short term. Heze Area High-tech Agricultural Research Institute actively explored the pattern of autumn corn intercropping autumn potatoes and achieved fruitful results. In 1999, the district promoted 3,500 acres and increased revenue by nearly 10 million yuan. In the Yangtze River and Huang-Huai River basins, due to the high temperatures in the summer and autumn, most of the potato planting takes spring sowing. The cultivation of autumn is very technical and difficult. In the past, the yield per mu was only about 500 kilograms, so the fall planted potato area was small and the time to market was 12-1 months. In addition, due to better commerciality than Northeastern potatoes, sales prices are generally 500g/0.50-0.80 yuan, and are very popular. Intercropping potatoes and corn, intercropping corn, corn production is not reduced, and earlier shaded potatoes for cooling, is conducive to the emergence of a complete seedlings, is a good model for the development of high-efficiency agriculture in the Yellow River Basin.
First, choose a good breed. Maize should choose high-yield large ear, suitable for the sparse plant Yuyu No. 22. The variety can still reach a yield of 500 kilograms per mu in the case of 2200-2600 acres planted. Potatoes can be used for short sleep period, such as Lu Yin No. 1 Holland 15, Jinshu 8 and so on.

Second, appropriate sowing. Maize early sowing, or intercropping wheat, in order to prompt the corn harvest around mid-September, potatoes can be advanced to the beginning of August.

?? Three, interplanting methods. Corn spacing 90 cm, spacing 25 cm -30 cm; potato spacing 60 cm, plant spacing 20 cm, acres planted 5000-5500 strains. Mu with seed potatoes 175 kg -300 kg.

IV. Precautions 1. The selected potatoes must be harvested before and after May 10th so that the potatoes can naturally pass a dormancy period of about 90 days to ensure that the whole seedlings are broadcast. Autumn potatoes must be sown with whole potatoes, and they must not be cut and germinated. Before sowing, 600 times of carbendazim solution can be used to soak the seeds for 10 minutes and the sterilization and disinfection effects are good. 2. Choose dry sandy loam soil for cultivation, avoiding land and water. After sowing, grass can be planted in Putian. After the corn was harvested, the temperature turned cold and the potatoes entered the mid growth stage. The harvest period is selected 3-5 days after the initial frost. Where conditions permit, protective measures can be adopted to cover and use the advantage of warmer temperatures in early winter to allow potatoes to continue to grow, which can significantly increase production.

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